Research Methods For Public Administrators

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What information did you find at the site that could help you design or carry out a research study?
Research into juvenile crime issues requires a solid theoretical background. Incidences, programs, and policies need to be carefully studied in order to form an in objective view of the issue and establish gaps in the existing knowledge on the topic. Besides, careful examination of the pertinent scholarly articles on the issue will help understand which research approach should be selected and which methods can be used to generate the best possible result in the subsequent study. Importantly, the website which will be used for consultation should be reliable and frequently updated. Keeping these criteria in mind, the NCJRS website was selected to locate the resources in order to design and carry out the research in juvenile crime .

The NCJRS website is a reliable .gov website. The abbreviation stands for National Criminal Justice Reference Service. The website is particularly abundant in data on juvenile crime. It provides access to numerous reports published by Watch America, Crime Prevention Services, and U.S. Department of Justice starting from 1980s and till these days. The reports and information in the Statistical Briefing Book, which is linked to the website, provide a plenty of statistical facts about the rates of juvenile crime and the tendencies over certain periods of time. Besides, there are resources on legislation related to juvenile crime, which help to generate the relevant background for the research. The website provides access to clusters of information on youth crime by topics: for instance, Gangs, Youth Violence, Women and Girls in the Criminal Justice System, Missing Children, Drug Courts, etc. The website hosts a large number of recent research articles, which I used to select an appropriate research strategy and research method. I learned how to collect and analyze qualitative data, and how to combine 2 or more methods to achieve a more accurate result.

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To sum up, the use of the resources hosted at the NCJRS website helped me design the future study in juvenile crime and choose relevant methods of research. The website provided sufficient data for writing up a well-organized and comprehensive literature review for the study.

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