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Responsibility Essay

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Responsibility is one of the factors that indicate the rate or level an individual is willing to remain answerable to their duties and obligations. A responsible individual is in a position to engage in their duties with confidence, and they fulfill them on time (Skolnick, 2010). A person who serves in public office should display high levels of responsibility since they represent their employer. I believe that I will be responsible for the different positions I will hold while in service to the public. Responsibility is a personal issue since I have learned how to ensure I do what is required of me at home and other different capacities without the need to have a supervisor. With freedom, here comes a high level of responsibility, as one must learn how to work and produce results without the intervention of leaders (Weisburd & Neyroud, 2013).

For instance, I remember when I had to lead a group in class, which was supposed to present completed research. I had the responsibility of producing results, which meant that I had to become pro-active and help the team-members align with the goals and objectives. After a short time, we were in a position to present, and my team was quick to note that if I had not taken responsibility, then things would not have worked well. Therefore, I have a strong belief that I will undertake my responsibilities at the police department with the urgency it requires as well as commitment and dedication so that I can produce results.

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I believe that my safeguarding responsibility in the different departments at the workplace will need a responsible person who has the internal drive to produce results. It also means that I will uphold the virtues at the workplace so that I can produce results while being committed to the mission and vision of the police force (Skolnick, 2010). My aim is remaining responsible for each role I have to uphold at the workplace by engaging my colleagues. Hence, whenever I need assistance, I will gladly request for some so that I can fulfill my duties with ease as I aim to remain loyal and responsible towards the calling I have in the workplace. In addition, I will ensure that I perform my responsibilities on time so that I can have extra hours to rest or respond to emergencies in the workplace or in my life. It is also important to note that I will need to partner with like-minded who will help and push me towards remaining responsible for all my duties in the workplace.

I understand that in my quest to become a responsible person, I might disappoint some people who may want to pull me down. This means that as a responsible person, I will know how to guard my heart, mind, and the brain when interacting with my colleagues. This does not mean that I will not work in a team; rather, I will be selective on whom to deal with on a job based on their character and perception towards life (Weisburd & Neyroud, 2013). When I get duties to handle issues dealing with public affairs, I will be kind to follow up and show my responsibility and ability to resolve problems within the shortest time possible. It will help create a positive image about the police department while enabling me handles the needs of different people in the society.

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