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Roman building in a Roman city

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Although the Roman Empire well predates the founding of the United States, and indeed many other countries, evidence of their architecture and design of urban centers are evident in most cities in the United States; mainly because these efficient designs were instilled in the European countries that first arrived in America.

To illustrate this similarity the following paper focuses on the Comcast Center which is a basketball arena for the University of Mayland and discusses it as if it was a Roman building in a Roman city. The first point to make is that the word ‘arena’ comes from the Latin word ‘harena’, which was the sand used in the coliseums used to absorb blood from combat. Like the Roman Coliseums, the Comcast Center is designed for crowd capacity for sporting events. In ancient Rome blood sports were an integral part of social life and entertainment thus large building were erected to facilitate crowd capacity. Also the Roman Coliseums were large, prominent and important buildings which were designed to impress through their design alone much like the Comcast Center. Although blood sports have been replaced by less lethal entertainment in contemporary society, regular social gathering to watch sporting events for entertainment remains the same as in ancient Rome. Furthermore, the design and position of these arenas within cities are always placed close to a large population or in the case of the Comcast Center within a university. This ensures the arena is used to capacity and ensures a local population that can visit much like the central situation of the arena’s in the cities of ancient Rome.

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In conclusion many of the features we see in urban centers mimic the layout and design from Roman cities. Coliseums are perhaps the most well know contribution the Roman Empire developed and is now see in the many sporting venues we see in the United States.