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Rowan University Admission Essay

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I hold CPA certification with nearly nine years work experience in a wide range of industries including lifestyle, technology, and healthcare. I have been with The Cooper Health System for over two years now and have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare system due to the nature of my responsibilities. I cannot imagine an industry with more excited prospects than healthcare and it is not only due to emerging trends such as aging population but also due to the tremendous changes in business models that have been occurring within healthcare providers. This is why I have decided to pursue an MBA so that I have even better understanding of different operating aspects of an organization.

Healthcare organizations have traditionally been more focused on the social aspects of their operations but the demand for their services often exceeds their limited resources. As a result, healthcare providers are borrowing more and more lessons from Corporate American which includes more efficient allocation of resources and leaner business models. The emerging trends have also put pressure on healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses to work more closely with management to improve quality as well as contain costs. As a result, soft skills such as leadership, organization, human resource management, and communication have only become more important in the healthcare sector.

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My accounting and finance background provides me an edge when it comes to efficient management of financial resources and I believe an MBA education will equip me with the knowledge and background to better understand operations and more effectively manage human resources. My ultimate goal is to become a CFO of a leading healthcare organization and I have no doubt MBA will be the single-most important investment in my future as a healthcare industry leader.