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Rutgers University Application Essay

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Rutgers University has some of the best academic programs, campuses, professors, and social communities. It has been ranked as one of the top research universities among schools in the United States. One of the reasons I am applying to Rutgers is because of the engineering program. It beats out other local schools for being academically challenging, vigorous, and rewarding. I think I would be a perfect fit at Rutgers and would benefit and contribute in many ways as a student.

I’ve always believed in having a few good hobbies and talents which could separate me from other people. I love baseball, especially pitching, and I equally enjoy watching it as well. As the team leader, I know that there is a lot of teamwork involved in this sport which has made me a good sportsman over the years. It’s also given me the opportunity to travel along the East Coast for tournaments and games. Math is also something I have always been good at as well as problem solving. It has helped me understand the basics of mechanical engineering and why I enjoy learning about it. These two subjects go hand in hand which is why I believe I would be an excellent student at this University. I also enjoy computers and often troubleshoot my own issues. It means a great deal to me knowing that I can solve almost any problem and which is very rewarding.

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Some of my volunteer activities include devoting at least six hours a month as part of my National Honor Society requirements, helping out the local little league, and helping out at Math Club Elementary day where high school students go to an elementary school and play math games with kids to get them more interested in math. I was also part of the Hurricane Sandy cleanup crew that spent time at the Jersey shore to help rebuild that part of the region that was hit by the storm.

As much as I have contributed to my community, I believe that my experience can also contribute a great deal to Rutgers by using my leadership capabilities to serve others. I also want to enrich my background by surrounding myself with other like-minded people on campus that want to make a difference and learn as much as possible academically. It is important to get exposure to a variety of backgrounds and I think Rutgers blends in many different cultures into its community.