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Self Analyzing Essay

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Writing about myself was no easy task. It was difficult to convey that balance of formality and emotion that is required in a professional and personal profile. I desired to evoke the intensity of my passion for the study of Economics and illustrate my genuine intellectual curiosity through my education and work experience. But I also wanted to showcase my individuality, what differentiates me from another student. To accomplish this, I utilized a simplistic design, and a welcoming and informative tone to establish the formalistic yet personable style of my profile. Furthermore, I organized my content using the tools of rhetoric, in the form of appeals, to compose my profile.

I began my profile with an introduction about my background to establish my character. Establishing credibility, otherwise known as ethos, is important to achieving the desired impression from the reader of my profile. By beginning with my personal background, I establish my credibility as a student, well versed in the study of Economics as clarified by my education. Next, I introduce the motivation for my passion, how I came to be interested in the subject of Economics, to provide the reader with insight to my personal life. Thus, simultaneously, I am able to inform the reader of my serious interest in Economics while I illustrate myself as an individual, one with passion and determination.

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Moreover, through the use of pathos, or emotion, I portray not only my professional qualities but also my personal qualities. By conveying my philanthropic interests to the reader, I showcase myself as not just a passionate student or worker but a passionate individual overall. Showcasing the diversity of my interests establishes that I am not a one-sided person but a multifaceted individual who cares deeply about environmental issues.

Furthermore, I concluded my profile by being informative of my past work experience and future plans, utilizing logos or logical reasoning to enhance my profile. By exemplifying how much time and effort I have invested and will continue to invest in this interest of mine, I show that my decision to pursue a career in Economics was not made without careful consideration. Thus, I logically evoke my qualifications.
Although there were several challenges to composing my profile, I knew, from the onset, how I wanted to portray myself. I credit this to the strength of my confidence in my interests and my overall passion for the study of Economics. Thus, by analyzing myself, I was able to know myself even more.