Sexual Aim By Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud clearly defines sexual aim as the coming together of genitals in the typical deed of copulation. Sexual aim, according to Freud simply entails the union of the sexual parts during sexual intercourse. Sexual aim serves a variety of purposes such as satisfying sexual urge, and celebrating matrimony between couples. However, the two main objectives of it are to relieve the tension and also to calm the heightened sexual need.

Tension is often a phenomenon between two interacting parties and a proven means to release it according to Freud is through sex. He observes that there are certain intervening relations, which are related to the sexual object, and are strongly linked to the copulation act. This include touching as well as looking into each other’s eyes and body. They are categorized as the preliminary components to sexual aim. They aid in adding the pleasure and excitement that persists until the sexual aim is achieved.

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Sexual Object
Freud uses the word “object” in describing one of the constituents of sexual instincts. He explains that the individual who provides sexual attraction is referred to as the sexual object. In line with this, the specific action, which the sexual instincts are tended to, is referred to as the sexual aim. Therefore, these two terms complement each other. Sexual aim often leads to overestimation by an individual of the related sexual object.

In this sense, the psychic estimation embraces all of the body and associates all the sensations that emanate from the respective sexual object. This overestimation is transferred to the rest of the body resulting to logical blindness, which is exhibited in form of poor and diminishing judgment. It often results to blind obedience from the object.

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