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Sexual Orientation

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Before watching the video, my concept of what influences a person’s sexual orientation consists of several factors. The first factor is biological. The second factor is through culture and family influences and the third is how one sees him or herself. I do not know to what extent each of these factors actually influence a person’s sexual orientation, but this expresses my basic knowledge of the subject.

However, according to the video, my understanding of how one views themselves is not actually a factor in sexual orientation. Although this factor may influence the data that a researcher may compile as individuals tend to answer questions based on their personal view of themselves, this does not influence their true sexual orientation. The extent to which an individual identifies with being either a male or a female is not an indicator of sexual orientation. This factor defines an individual’s gender orientation.

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Sexual orientation does not reveal one’s gender orientation. Sexual orientation is defined as who an individual is sexually or romantically attracted to. These orientations are described as heterosexual, attracted to the opposite sex, homosexual, attracted to the same sex, bisexual, attracted to both sexes, transsexual, a desire to change to the opposite sex, and asexual, having little or no sexual desires to either sex. Research has linked these orientations to biological and cultural influences but gender orientation remains a separate field of study.
The way that a person views his or herself is based on their view of socially understood norms of gender identity. If an individual likes to cook or is nurturing they may identify as a female. An individual who enjoys masculine activities such as sports or outdoor activities may identify as a male. This is different from what an individual looks for in a partner. Sexual orientation is the drive for romantic and sexual companionship. Who an individual seeks for that companionship is based on their sexual orientation.