Shake on It: New App Puts Legally Binding Documents At Your Fingertips

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The article talks about Shake an App that will take a piece of the legal pie by ensuring legal transactions can be carried out via smartphones. This will be advantageous to most entrepreneurs because it will help them cut on legal costs. According to the founders of the app, legally binding non-disclosure agreements, equipment rentals, contracted hires and property can be signed using the app. This will be free hence opening a new way for doing business. When using the app, people will need to answer a few questions, read the agreements, sign on one phone and send it to another party. However, if both parties are together, they can do it using the same device. Shake will start with five agreements, which include, freelance, buy and sell, non-disclosure, personal loans and rental. However, new contacts will be added in future (Casserly, 2013).

One lesson that can be learnt from this article is how technology can be used to simplify some of the processes in the entrepreneurial world. However, despite the advantages associated with such technology, there are still those who will feel uncomfortable about it. The article reveals that most people felt uncomfortable about using the app (Casserly, 2013).

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According to the article, the tool seems promising. However, there are those against it. One advantage of using the app is that it cuts on the costs incurred during legal transactions. The app will also make getting contracts an easy job. Some of the cofounders of the app evaluated the problems that are likely to be caused by using the app from the corporate site. According to them, there will be pressure when simplifying the contracting process in order to close the deals within the shortest time possible. According to Geiger, challenges will be experienced when striking balance between the legalese that customers believe in and simple contracts (Casserly, 2013).

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