Should Men Get Paternity Leave from Work?

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Child care is a delicate process that requires participation from both parents to achieve the best results. However, most people often have busy schedules at work, thereby causing a compromise in their parenting abilities. This is especially true for men, because most men are not traditionally obliged to address child care issues (Raeburn, 2014). In conventional professional work settings, men are only granted a few days off from work and are expected to get back to their roles as soon as their leave from work expires, while women can receive patern leave without the same obgligations as men. Because achieving the best child care results requires a collaborative approach, paternity leave should be given to not only mothers but also to fathers.

Men should get paternity leave because it allows them to participate in the child care process actively. Traditionally most men are not often obliged to engage in the procedure directly, and they often take up a passive role (Heymann, 2013). However, providing paternity leave allows men to get sufficient time to engage with their children, which is important for child development. Allowing the father to engage in the child-rearing process helps to improve the social, physical and mental development of the given child (Raeburn, 2014). Fathers have a significant role to play in child development and this role should be respected by companies and business organizations.

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Paternity leave would also improve men`s motivation at work. The common practice in professional work settings today is that only women have the privilege of paternal leave and men are in rare cases, given a few days off from work. However, paternity leave is vital because most fathers would appreciate spending quality time with their newborn children and family too (Behson, 2015). Offerring such a priviledge is important because humans are social animals, and child rearing is an important aspect of the ideal social life. Having a good social life in turn improves men`s productivy at work.

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