Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

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Even the most passionate opponents of Apple products and Steve Jobs admitted that he had an enormous impact on the technological industry. Technological innovations offered by Jobs have changed people’s approach to consumer electronics and, eventually, their everyday experience. His death in 2011 showed that the global community believed him to be more than just a computer salesman but a person who contributed to something much more significant.

All people who met him told the reporters of Steve Jobs: One Last Thing that he was a very charismatic man who easily influenced others. He could make people feel excited about things, turning a device into something more than just a computer or a telephone. His outstanding marketing skills made his products desirable for everyone. For many years, Apple has been emphasizing its uniqueness, appealing to people’s desire to be creative and different from others.

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Traditionally, tech specialists are seen as nerds interested in “boring” things like science or programming. Jobs, on the other hand, did not fit this stereotype. As one of the guests at Steve Jobs: One Last Thing said, he was a hippie, not a nerd. He was interested in aesthetics and philosophy, deriving his inspiration from calligraphy and Zen Buddhism. This experience reinforced his sophisticated approach to life and material objects. It inspired him to emphasize design and usability of Apple products, and his engineers and designers did his best to fulfill his dreams about beautiful, sleek, and user-friendly gadgets. Since the era of the first computers, people were sure that technical gadgets could not look visually appealing because of technical limitations. Jobs, following traditions of Zen Buddhism, gave them aesthetically pleasing products, catering the natural desire to possess beautiful things.

He was not only good at marketing and aesthetics. It is interesting that Jobs was always focused on future possibilities, not the previous success. Perhaps, his well-developed ability to look away from the comforting past and think about the uncertain future was the main reason that contributed to his success. Although all successful businessmen think about development and innovation, Jobs was exceptionally good at it. He remained so innovation-oriented even in his fifties, at the age when most of the people turn more conservative.

Although millions of Apple consumers idolize Steve Jobs, those who knew him personally claim that he was not always a pleasant person. It is good that the authors of the documentary decided to discuss these facts, adding dimension to his personality. Apparently, he perceived people from the perspective of their usefulness, and those who gave up being helpful quickly lost his favor. Although this personality trait is commonly condemned, people sometimes see it as a sign of a genius. It is believed that people who so carelessly violate basic rules of communication have something exceptional about them, especially if they are talented or influential. If Steve Jobs had not been a successful businessman, society would have disapproved him. However, it did not happen because of Jobs’ appealing image.

People were fascinated by him because of his charisma, creativity, and masterful use of cultural references. For example, at the end of his and Gates’ interview, he quoted The Beatles. He was a living proof that life could be fascinating, and creativity was a blessing. The audience felt that and bought Apple products, hoping to become closer to the world of creativity, beauty, and innovation. It is interesting if current generations will see another similarly influential person. On the one hand, Steve Jobs was unique. On the other hand, he encouraged millions of people to believe in their power to change the world.

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