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Student Organization Reaction Paper

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Among many crucial aspects in human management operation, one shall mention that human resource functioning comprises a key element that bridges communication between an employee and employer. There are different dimensions where such a communication and operation could be transposed. Thus, the main aspect for human resource management is to comprehend the environment in the company and choose the right strategy that would promote and boost the productivity in the given company.

Depending on the organizational structure, human resource management, and its operation might change. In fact, one shall be aware that some companies build their relations between employees in the hierarchical structure. Then, one will have to deal with such challenges as an integration process of an individual and his values into the manner of operation in the given business environment. What is more, no less significant challenge is to tackle the upcoming challenges in the process of recruitment. In that case, the function of the human resource management changes, and one has to adjust to the given proposals in the process of recruitment. What is important to understand is the fact that most challenging aspect in human resource operation is the comprehension of the psychological traits of individuals who will be working for the company. One has to have a clear idea what are the contributions he or she can make, and how the company can benefit from his or her presence. Thus, it becomes the matter of effective interviewing as some of the potential candidates might not be willing to reveal their sincere intentions while working for the given environment.

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No less important and yet one of the most challenging issues in human resource management is the lack of discipline among the workers. As some companies forbid the use of the social networking for the sake of not destroying the working process, others are more open to those matters. What remains in hands of an HR, is to determine the key ideas exposed in the general ethics of the company and what are the possible contributions to the general matters of operation and the functioning.

From the perspective of an HR, there is a response to all those issues that primarily lies in behavioral and psychological questions. If the organization is rather open and ready to the proposals of the HR, it is much valued. Indeed, the most crucial in that aspect is to find the area for coordination and identification of the arising issues among employees. As more and more people tend to polarize while working in the big corporations, the function of an HR is to find an agreeable solution to the integrating factors, from which the company will benefit as such. What is yet to be remembered that there should be an element for a constant consultation between different levels of employees imposed.

Overall, the function of the human resource management mostly depends on the cooperation between employees, their attitude towards the particular issues, and the ability to find practical solutions in the conflict situations, when an employee does not feel a complete assurance of his or her contribution to the company operation.

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