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Study in a Naturalistic Environment

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As a psychologist, I would pick a normal social trend and behavior as the most ideal setting for a naturalistic study. Naturalistic setting studies describe research activities conducted on ordinary settings. This implies that the environment on which the studies are conducted should not be manipulated to create any control groups whatsoever. This is one of the most appropriate ways of conducting social studies for a certain group of people. One of the most practical and realistic application of naturalistic study activities is where the researchers does not involve any intervention measures that will initiate the observation process. This involves making interpretations by trying to make sense out of regular behavior and activities.

In conducting a naturalistic study, I would concentrate on the trends in human behavior in relation to the use of information technology. My study should try to highlight the major link between how human beings behave and the use of information technology in a natural setting. This is one of the studies that can be very important in the world today. This is due to the high rates of globalization. This is because it seeks to retrieve and explain some of the most common trends on how human beings apply technology while in an environment that has not been interfered with. This can assist in advancing technology through creativity and innovation to suit certain human characteristics.

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There are various standard approaches that are used in conducting this kind of study. Qualitative study models are the most suitable in this case. These are the tools that are used to enhance objectivity and consistency of the results of the study. Focus groups can be used in conducting strategic interviews in order to acquire the information that is required. Direct observations are very crucial in the engagements. Other reliable sources of information can also be used in providing evidence, these may include reports from surveys and documentaries from diaries and other reputable information stores. All these can provide crucial information that can be used to establish human behavior trends in relation to the use of technology.

My choice for the study of human behavior in relation to the use of information technology is very strategic. This is because the prevalence of the use of information technology in the world today is very high. Therefore, this is an ideal naturalistic study because information technology is applied in almost every aspect of social life today. This can assist in acquiring a variety of information regarding. To promote technological advancement, it is important for the manufacturers of the technology devices to actually know the applicability of the devices in real life situations. Initiation of new products cannot entirely rely on the expectations of people. Understanding people’s behavior and reaction over towards the use of technology over the year can assist in predicting the most appropriate technology for the future.

In order to establish validity and reliability in the research it is good to choose a good study population. For this study, it is necessary to take a population where there is intensive use of information technology. An ideal setting is a college situation. This is because in a college, is variety in the application of information technology. The procedures and design should be used in acquiring rich, deep and real data. The research should also done along guidelines that enhance a comprehensive research activity. The success of a naturalistic research depends on the ability of the researcher to be able to formulate critical questions and answer them in the course of the study. Some of the important questions that need to be answered include what is the relationship between the causes of a certain behavioral trend regarding the use of information technology among students. It is also crucial to set up control situations by trying to figure other what the observation could be under the application of a different type of technology.