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Summary for the Introduction to Engineering

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There are many branches of engineering, and each of them signifies and important component of the engineering as such. During the presentation, most of the dimensions of the electric engineering were addressed by prof. Dr. Mousavinezhad. In particular, professor stressed on the importance of power structures, evolutionary procedures and outlined career perspectives while being engaged as an electric engineers. Moreover, professor touched upon the aspects that illustrate differences between electric engineering and other branches of engineering. That is why the presentation was truly interesting and informative.

Throughout the whole presentation, Prof. Mousavinezhad noted that there are many ways of becoming employing while pursuing a degree in electric engineering. These career perspectives differed significantly from the employment opportunities at the mechanical engineering, too. A lot also depended on the evolution of electric engineering and its correlation with the other sciences, and that is why one shall be really aware of what electric engineering is about in general. Having watched a presentation, I really understood what were the main aspects of work as an electric engineering, too. Also, the presentation gave an overview of what are the main aspects of work.

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Technical aspects of working as an electric engineer were addressed, too. In particular, the way of how power structures operate were really useful to understand what the main aspects of engineering are. Technical aspects also touched upon the future perspectives of electric engineering, and to a large extend, much will depend on the interdisciplinary approach, meaning that engineers should work along with the other experts from other sciences, such as chemistry and physics.

To sum up, the presentation were very comprehensive. Given that it was delivered to a class of beginners, professor managed to present the information really clearly to everyone who had no prior knowledge.

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