Supersystems’ Discrimination Analysis

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Taking a proper analytical investigation into a Company’s operations helps identify certain issues that may be effecting the organization internally, or having some negative impact on the major stakeholders interested in the activities of the firm. Supersystem, under case study experiences certain challenges in its performance levels, with regard to selection and recruitment of its new taskforce. Through this publication, analysis is in a position to deduce many problems which might fall into various categories. The systems and processes, and even some of the policies used in these stages are discriminatory against certain groups. This section majors on the discrimination problems and suggests possible solutions to them, including a proposed method that can be used to identify the key permanent solution to these challenges.

Elements of Discrimination and Possible Solutions
The mere fact that it is mentioned in the body of the Organizational document extract that there is currently only one woman among the senior positions reflects high standards of gender discrimination. The men are given more priority compared to the female workers. Under ordinary circumstances, both genders are entitled to equal opportunities in terms of hiring, selection, and promotional programs. Supersystems has not taken into consideration the gender balance factor in its workforce policies.

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To solve the problem of gender imbalance, the policies relating to hiring and promotion of new workers, should include gender balance ratios (Van & McKenzie, 2011). These ratios are significant in managing issues relating to gender discrimination. Setting out a ratio, for example, 2:3 to stand in for the women to men proportions, or the vice versa helps to determine the numbers that are needed within the workforce and managerial positions in terms of gender balance. This balance helps to predetermine the requirements that are needed in the event of any job opening within an organization. This could be more useful to Supersystems.

The organization is also faced with the discriminatory issue of developing a negative attitude towards contractual employees. When one of the senior managers states that “We don’t use these kinds of employees…” (Crawford, 2013) with claims that they would not be in a position to gain control over them, it implies discrimination against them. It is advisable for any company to involve a wide variety of workers into their programs, including contract-based workers. The workers have diverse skills since they work at different positions in the organizations that contract them.

The idea that can be used to solve the problem of discrimination against the contract employees within the organization is participation in projects that require expertise from outside the organization. Such projects are undertaken by most organizations to outsource skills from outside the organization. Through these break-from-the-norm projects, the company will be in a position to recognize the need to include contract employees in the personnel composition mix. Through the contract workers, more ideas would be borrowed and used by the firm.

Supersystem also experiences the problem of judgment in times of recruitment of new workers. The ultimate decision is left to the interviewer. Under ordinary circumstances, there are possibilities of personal wrangles between the interviewer and the interviewee. Such issues could be arising from domestic backgrounds or past encounters. Having developed a negative attitude against the interviewee in the past, there are possibilities that the interviewee may not benefit from the interview decisions made by the interviewing officer (Sweeney & McFarlin, 2002).

Discrimination of this kind can be solved by the formation of a panel of recruitment professions. Through the formation of these panels, more rational and fair judgment is made concerning the job applicants. The interview itself should incorporate more than one top manager in the organization. Fear is one major challenge that most of the interviewees face, especially if they have had personal encounters with the interviewer in the past.

In addition to these challenges, Supersystems is faced with the problem of alternating discrimination against employees through the use of either of the options. At the time when it decides to hire new workers that are fully skilled, it discriminates against the semi-skilled workers that are capable of performing to their best, given the opportunity and proper training. On the other hand, it uses the option of acquiring semi-skilled workers and training them through their programs; trained and fully skilled applicants are discriminated against. This leads to rotational discrimination to either of the two categories of workers.

There is a possibility that Supersystems organization could put in place both of these programs to enhance equality to both the skilled and semi-skilled job applicants. It needs to put in place training programs to its workers to promote their skills, especially to those that are not fully experienced in the line of professional duties. This would ultimately lead to organizational development through acquisition of diverse skills on the jobs performed. Certain proposals could be recommended in view of the discrimination issues facing Supersystems.

Supersystems is a developing company, which makes it flexible to changes and alterations of its major activities. To solve the problems associated with its operations, the organization could carry out a benchmark program with similar organizations, to gather more information that would help in identifying and solving some of the challenges that it is faced with. The proposal to conduct this program comes as a result of current needs to set out indiscriminate roles within any given organization. The visit would be instrumental in determining the success of the organizational programs, and making them free from biases. The recruitment programs of other organization would be of essence in trying to solve more of the challenges that are likely to be identified.

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