Symbolism and Imagery in Poetry

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When addressing Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, no one can fail to note that the poem raises concerns in respect of nature. Throughout this poem, Frost makes stress upon illuminating a little incident occurring in a snowy evening. Sure enough, readers are given the impression that the poet feels fascination and wonders by the beauty of the woods.

He demonstrates a strong desire to stop in order to contemplate a marvellous scene; anyway, the poet’s voice inside his head says he needs to go on, for there is still a long way to go. By immersing into the poem written in 1922, one cannot but give Robert Frost credit for injecting it with many symbolic constructs. Yes, Robert Frost “is a very complex and intricate poet, and this complexity arises from his extensive use of symbols” (Singh, 2014, p. 19).

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Of all the symbols that the poem gravitates towards, it would be reasonable to make mention of a “little horse”, which actually symbolizes vitality. Sinking deep into why I find this symbol both striking and memorable, particular emphasis must be given to the fact that the poet manages to enlighten readers on all the pressures of modern life through the prism of a “little horse”. The horse evokes critical responses with regard to whether slowing things down makes sense in hard times like these.

In other words, the horse serves as a catalyst to a larger understanding of why it is high time to resist temptation to stop moving ahead. Clearly, being a valuable member of the society implies an ultimate commitment to improving your personal financial situation; and slowing down to enjoy the awesome beauty of the woods can only jeopardize your chances of success in life.

In sum, I sharpened my focus on the symbolism of a “little horse” encouraging the speaker to go on, since Frost allowed me to reinterpret the attitude towards my daily life with this symbol.

  • Singh, P. (2014). Symbolic Significance of the Nature-Poetry of Robert Frost. International Journal of Applied and Universal Research, 1(1), 19-21.

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