Teachers Should Not Be Allowed To Carry Guns On Campus

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Teachers are not trained professionals when it comes to handling guns. There is no training that a teacher receives while in college regarding how to handle guns especially in dangerous situations like a gunman on the school compound. This implies that allowing them to carry guns may make them victims in the shooting. In such a situation, they would rather find a way to hide or help other students to be safe than trying to shoot back at the gunman. The attempt to shoot back will be a misdirected effort that could otherwise be utilized appropriately to save themselves and other people on campus. Teachers only have the responsibility to teach. The task of providing security should be left for another department.

Many guns on campus would directly translate to more deaths. In times of shootings, several bullets would be in the air which may lead to more deaths. Some of the bullets shot at the gunman would stray and hit innocent people. It is not possible to control such a situation where all teachers will be shooting at the same time as the gunman. In such a situation, there are likely to be more teachers, students and non-teaching staff falling victims of bullets from the gunman and from the teachers. The situation would get nasty and before calm is restored, many deaths and injuries would be recorded. Therefore, teachers should be prohibited to carry guns on campus.

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Some teachers may develop mental illness. Therefore, this means they are unfit to be in possession of a gun. Unfortunately, such changes in the mental status of the teacher may not be noticed until a nasty incident occurs. The first sign of their mental illness may manifest when they pick up their guns and start shooting at anyone in their way. For this reason, the anticipation that the mental status of some teachers may change and render them dangerous should make them not be allowed to carry guns on campus. It is not easy to predict the mental stability of the teachers on campus.

There could be situations where some teachers fail to keep their guns safely. If this happens, the guns may easily fall into the hands of students. A student may find a teacher’s gun that is not well kept and steal it. The student may later use the gun to unleash terror on other students during disagreements. This situation would make the school an unsafe ground where terror is expected to occur any time. Before anything meaningful is done in such a situation, many would already be injured. Others would already be dead.

Some of the teachers may also make the decisions to use the guns during disputes with others. Teachers are human beings and they are subject to negative emotions. During a disagreement, a teacher may pull out their gun and shoot the other. An attempt by other teachers to solve the situation using their guns may worsen the situation. It would cause more deaths on campus. Many people may fall victims of stray bullets. This implies that teacher should not be allowed to carry guns on campus.

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