Technical And Scientific Innovation

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Innovations refer to new ideas that present a more effective device or process. It can be viewed as the best solution that can be used to solve the impending problems and challenges that are being faced by mankind or might be faced in the near future. This can only be accomplished through effective product, processes, services, technologies or ideas that have already been tested and approved by the experts. The swelling world population and decrease in resources has become the biggest challenge of our century. To be able to support this ever growing population two things must be constant; food and water (Maybank 28). The climate change which is brought about by global warming that results to unpredictable weather pattern across the world jeopardize the world economy which mainly relays on rainfall and their existing water supply for water and food. The combination of all this factors will result in water crisis in the near future. (Springer, 37)

The expanding of deserts and semi-arid areas is consuming the cultivation space for crop production and this comes with little or no rains. It is with this notion that saw the United Arab Emirates (UAE) come up with the program for rain enhancement science. This program will foresee the innovation of a technology that will be able to increase the amount of rainfall in areas that do not receive much rainfall throughout the year in a more predictable pattern. The program involves a competition which is held for research proposal on increasing rainfall in both the United Arab Emirates and semi-arid regions as a whole. The best five ideas will be rewarded with a generous grant of $5 million. The program was first announced to the public domain 2014. The competition is quite popular amongst many renowned world’s scientist who are taking part in it. The winners will be announced by the first week of 2016.

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The program is crucial not only to the desert and semi-desert areas like the Middle East but also to the entire world. The world population is predicted to increase by 3 million by 2050.This means more water consumption and more food consumption which is not proportional to the increase population. The population boom is mainly to occur in the developing countries. If this water crisis is not looked into during this decade it will be too late to come up with a working plan in the next decade (Miller 37). To be able to achieve the program goals the following should be taken into consideration;

Increased level of research activities that include attracting diverse new researchers, entrepreneurs and technologists to the platform that will collaborate to bring speedy and relative results.
Increased scientific knowledge and understanding about the rainfall enhancement which include cloud physics and dynamics, cloud-cloud interaction, cloud system and precipitation production
Enhanced metrological, water and environmental field capacity in both locally and internationally, this will enhance global research collaboration amongst different regions.
Making use of the state-of-the-art rainfall practices and technologies to be able to come up with quality experimental data, current and historical that will help the researchers come up with better results.

A combination of the above ideas will give one an upper hand to come up with a more suitable solution for this crisis. Cloud seeding is one of the most recent success story on rain enhancement technology. It entails injecting efficient ice nuclei into the cloud to change the amount or type of precipitation hat fall from the clouds. However the chemicals used in the cloud seeding processes are said to have some advance impact on health and the environment. Therefore the present technology on rain enhancement is far from perfect that’s why the program was started (Bruintjes, 54)

The company should be committed to this program because it is for the survival of the humanity. Despite the program being of great intentions and recognition globally the grant award is also outstanding. The increase world concern about the world food and water security should be the first priority in most scientific and innovation of technologies that will ensure the survival of the human race (Bolay, 73).It’s the ethical obligation of the company to take part in the program because of its resources and field network that positions it in a better place to execute the program. Looking at the program from a business point of view, if successful the program will be very profitable because most countries in the world are experiencing water crisis because of being either located on deserts or semi-arid areas. The company is in the best position to be able to involve the best scientists, the best technology and it has the financial capabilities to see this deal go through.

The world is on the edge now and it’s up to the intellectuals and more open-minded individuals that can be able to see the future, what it holds and how to approach it to work towards the humanity survival and the assurance of the future generation. The company commitment and dedication to this program will be of great opportunity to affiliate the company to the world platform and exhibit what the company is capable to deliver hence raising the standards and recognition of the company. This opportunity should not be left to chance but should be grabbed now and be able to come up the best or most favorable results.

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