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Technology and Decisions

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Decisions are a part of human existence, although many would argue that technology can make decision making easier in the modern day. Certain aspects of decision making, such as information gathering, are greatly enabled by technology. In the past, both just a few decades ago as well as the distant past, gathering information and validating its sources would have been tedious and difficult. Today one can find the basic known facts and explore different positions and perceptions of any issue with just a search engine and a few clicks. Technology can also assist by providing direct data for decision making, such as that which are captured from tracking browsing on one’s website and other statistics. Decision making tools and apps also assist which can be helpful.

In the time when there was no Internet, and access to information and knowledge was limited to going to the library, people often asked the other people in their social network for their opinion to help with decision making. There is no guarantee that an individual actually knows more than the person asking the question, however if there is significant experience in an area then asking questions can provide an individual with the benefit of that experience. Unlike the information which is gathered from technology it is more difficult to find the source of information, or to validate it. On the other hand, real experience is often the best validation of informative data that helps with making a decision.

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The best way to approach decision making is to gather multiple sources of data, both that which is technology facilitated and that which is captured in the old fashioned way by talking to friends and colleagues. In this way decisions can benefit from all of the relevant knowledge about an issue, including that which is known in one’s social network and external information.