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Technology and Schools

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Technology is an ever-growing medium of innovation, and with all resources and innovations, access feasibility varies among the more and less fortunate. With the gap between wealth in mind, technology may create an even larger divide between those who are less fortunate and those who are more. The rules regarding schools’ inclusion of technological elements within in class curriculum and homework assignments are not set in stone.

However, it is the school’s responsibility to ensure there is an even playing field for students when technology is going to be involved. Schools should only be allowed to require that students use technology for their assignments if there is ample access to it at the school so that students who don’t have access to computers at home may reach the same resources as students who do.

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While many students have smartphones that have internet access, the functions of these devices are limited when it comes to larger research endeavors. Libraries are always an option, but not all students have means of getting there or locating them. If schools have computer labs that students may access before, during, and after school then students are guaranteed access to technology in a place they are more comfortable. If a teacher assigns a research paper that requires access to web articles, the teacher should be teaching in a school that has access to web articles. If there are few or no computers in a school, then teachers should not center assignments on technology.

To narrow the digital divide, society can place more value on education and allocate more money toward the development of schools in disadvantaged areas. It is a true waste of human potential and capital when some of the brightest students are unable to access the resources necessary for their utmost contribution to the world.