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By looking at the statistics, it appears to me as if the gender gap is rather large in the tech related majors as well as some business majors. There seem to be more males taking these types of majors. Additionally, it seems as if there are more females taking majors in the liberal arts category such as English. Looking at the statistics, it also appears as if the sciences have the smallest gender gap, as this major has a great mix of both men and women. I think this shows how much the science field has evolved over the years, as now it seems as if many women take the sciences just as much as men. I don’t think that the tech majors have evolved that far though, as tech majors are relatively new compared to science majors, especially science majors like biology and natural resources.

So, I think that there is a gender gap that presides in the tech and business majors because of certain stereotypes. Women don’t feel as if they can compete with men in these types of majors due to what they have been told. While many tech companies have tried to encourage more women to take these majors, it’s clear there is still some ways to go in order to close the gender gap and make these majors more even in terms of the male to female ratio. The main problem seems to be that more women seem attracted towards the liberal arts majors while more men seem attracted to the technology and business fields. I think that if women were taught differently at a young age about gender equality, we’d see more and more women taking tech majors and business majors.

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Therefore, one of my solutions would probably be to start implementing younger kids in the technology so that they get a feel for what it’s like. Moreover, we should start teaching young elementary schoolers computer science and technology. I think that technology will become one of the most in demand jobs, so it only makes sense that we start to teach our young kids more. And by introducing technology to younger girls, they will most likely see that they can in fact compete with boys in this field. Thus, more and more women would hold tech jobs and go into the business-technology related field. I also think that in college, we can do a better job of providing students, especially females, with more information regarding tech jobs. A lot of the girls that I talk to seem interested but don’t really feel inclined to do any tech related thing since it kind of holds a masculine stigma. We should push to rebrand tech as a field for all genders rather than just for males.

I think that both my solutions are feasible. In terms of teaching younger kids about technology, it would only take adding another requirement to the list of things in school. It’s not as if we are asking these schools to make serious renovations to their computer labs or anything, and these courses should just be basic, introductory courses. And in terms of the college fix, it would be very easy to rebrand technology majors as a major that is gender inclusive. Furthermore, we can simply give more presentations on this field in order to encourage females to try these male-dominated fields out. We can also appoint more female instructors in order to show females that these majors can be taken by women and that they can really excel in them. I think all it takes is a little thought when it comes to decreasing the gender gap when it comes to technology and business related fields.