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Technology In The Modern Healthcare

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In the modern healthcare world, technology offers a vital service to ensure patient safety. However, the proper development of this technology requires input from both the information technology (IT) industry and from healthcare providers. As the largest segment of these providers, nurses can offer tremendous information on this technology. An important area includes medication administration. It is well known that medication errors are a leading case of adverse outcomes in patients.

Unfortunately, these adverse outcomes may include death (“Medication errors,” 2013). Therefore, any technological methods to decrease the risk of improper medication administration are useful. However, nurses need to work with IT to ensure that the system is easy to utilize and will not create additional time burdens for the staff. Programs that work bedside are ideal; however, the devices used must be easy to handle and operate (“Bedside medication verification system enhances patient’s safety,” n.d.). Nurses can work with IT to determine the feasibility of any ideas.

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In the two responses reviewed, both writers focused on the importance of utilizing technology to ensure a smooth patient flow and the steps of care for the patient. These are excellent ideas. Response One highlights the value of using this technology for patient assessment. Patient assessment may be utilized in the system to show trending of patients. This will allow nurses an opportunity to recognize improvement of the conditions. It will also highlight adverse outcomes. Response Two discusses the use of IT to allow a smooth flow of patient care. This is a fantastic idea. For instance, when patients are admitted, often through the emergency department, the program can highlight the necessary steps for a particular patient’s care.

Then, as the steps are down, the program can mark this in a different way, perhaps a shaded box. This also allows the ideas discussed in the first response. For certain patients, such as patients being admitted for cardiac surgery, there are certain standards of care in the patient’s workup. These programs can offer these care plans to ensure all steps are followed. Obviously, a nurse or physician would be able to delete any aspects of the care plan that is not necessary or required on a specific patient. However, through this computer program, the flow of the patient’s care can be clearly documented and followed by all health care providers. This may help ensure all necessary care is accomplished.