Texting and Academic Writing

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As well as texting appears to be the most popular tool of communication for the young generation, it influences academic writing skills crucially. Being aimed at making communication as easy as possible, texting uses the wide range of the words’ simplifications and acronyms. Obviously, comparing texting with academic writing, it differs in the approaches to spelling, grammar, complete thoughts, and homework doing.

As for the effects of texting on spelling, it is important to mention that such type of communication narrows an individual vocabulary sufficiently. In contrast to academic writing, texting uses the simplest words and set expressions. Texting does not imply enriching the speech with the great variety of synonyms and elements of figurative language. Apparently, a person, who uses predominantly short forms of the words and “rebus-like slang” (Aziz et al. 12884), cannot gain a sufficient level of academic writing skills.

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Differences in texting and academic writing use of grammar are also vivid, as texting lacks an appropriate use of punctuation and sequence of tenses. Basic tools and too flexible norms of grammar using may lead to the lack of academic writing’s consistency and an appropriate structure of a text. Closely connected with grammar, the difference in presenting complete thoughts in texting and academic writing leads to the lack of well-developed sentence structure in texting. In contrast, academic writing uses a beginning, middle, and the conclusive parts of argumentation as a must, which makes the text sounds solid and persuasive. The last sufficient aspect, which differs texting and academic writing, is homework doing. Aside from purely linguistic differences, texting affects homework negatively, as a person cannot concentrate on a deal while messaging. Obviously, contrast to academic writing, texting distracts a person and makes individual reactions too perfunctory.

  • Aziz, Shazia, Maria Shamim, Muhammad Faisal Azia, and Priya Avais. “The Impact of Texting / SMS Language on Academic Writing of Students – What do We Need to Panic About?” Linguistics and Translation, 55, 2013, pp. 12884-12890.

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