The Contradictions And Conflicts Within The Women’s Rights Movement

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The women rights movement and feminists arose due to the discriminatory distribution of wealth, privileges, and accessibility to opportunities. Revolutionary ideologies and reform propagated the movement, which were present in political protests and human rights activists. However, conflicts and contradictions in the movement have led to the loss of focus on their ultimate goals and measures. For a long time, the society has ignored women issues and has not taken them as important. Although many women have been fighting for their independence, some women and men still want women to do domestic chores. Eventually, these conflicting ideas on women gave rise to women rights movement in many societies.

The movement has succeeded in a lot of negotiation on women rights across the globe. There have been contradictions arising from different ideologies and implementation of different goals. Another drawback for the movement is that they are not organizations, therefore, luck proper decision-making mechanisms that drive it in one direction. Moreover, there are also conflicts between the movement and the society they come from. This is because they try to bring change to the society they originate from without adapting to the society’s needs.

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In what ways did similar ambiguities exist in the pro-slavery movement?
Many pro-slavery movements existed in the UK and America for a long time but had no political agenda. There was a new push by politicians for the establishment of legislature that would allow slave trade in new American territories. There were similar conflicts and contradictions related to women rights movement. Anti-slave movement propagated for the abolishment of slave trade in the newly acquired territories. This brought conflicts since politicians from both divide had different ideologies regarding slavery. This led to a civil war between the Northern and Southern territories.

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