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The Dark Knight Returns

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The Dark Knight Returns is set to reveal the situation of the foreseen future fear in the Gotham City. The issues of great concern within the city are the causes of crime and mostly the increasing instances of crime in the city. The levels of the gangs attacking the residents of the city are random and the need to secure the city from the happenings of outlawed activities compels a retired batman to return to the city. In the movie, the retired batman is Bruce Wayne who retired at 55 and the condition in the city makes him more concerned about the issues to save the city than the provision of the law that would not allow him to be back to the city as a batman (Gustines, par 4).

The Cause of Batman’s Return
The retired batman was compelled to return into the city to rescues the people from the hands of the gangs in the city. The issues of robbery, abduction, killing of the residents, stealing violent and all the aspects of crime had infested the city and no one was tactfully equipped with the ability to address these issues in the city rather than the retired batman. Generally, the rise of violence in the city highly motivates the retired batman to return to the city to fight the criminals and block the causes of violence (Gustines, par 4-5). His great motivation emanated from the immense abilities the retired batman had over others who were in the field to offer the security to the people. Batman largely returned to the city of Gotham to fight the criminals and restore peace in the city (Smith, par 2).

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The Reason behind Batman’s Retirement
Batman retired after the death of the billionaire industrialist, Jason Todd. The event in the cause of his death led to several questioned that disappeared un-responded to by the public. The commonly and frequently asked questions were directed to the security agents and the Batman was the point of focus by then. The severity of the death called upon the responsible officers in the city to offer the best and vow to seal the expectation to the city. The conditions were really tight for survival as the security officers were also points of target for the terrorists and the criminals in the city. All these made him to retire though with the will to offer his life for the sake of security concerns in the city (Gustines, par 4).

Another reason for the retirement of the batman at age 45 was that the death was threatening, furious and shocking. This was one of the persons in the city upon which the batman’s security service was to be streamed at. The shocking nature of the cause of death was a major blow to the credibility of the batman’s efforts and plans for the city. This and him to respect the will of his heart to compelled him to climb down the ladder and the belief of being unable to offer the right services to the people pushed him even further to the ground. The feeling that he was not able to perform to the standards expected by the public and the government, made him feel he was not worth the position in the city (Smith, par 5).

The Effect of Batman’s Return
On the city the effect of the Batman’s return is evidenced in the reduced occurrences of the number of crimes in the city. The city gains calm as violence is totally eradicated by the massive fight and efforts of the batman. He intercepts the operations of the criminals in a number of seriously planned operations in the city. He fights off all of the criminals who were after disrupting the operations in the city and to violently rob the residents of the city. The batman was able to eradicate and reverse the occurrence of the activities which were derailing the economic development in the region. Therefore the return of the batman accrued a lot of economic benefits to the city as the operations in the city were not paralyzed any longer after fighting off and killing all the gangs in the region (Gustines, par 6).

On the villains, the effect of the return of the Batman is witnessed as the villains in the region were killed. The stunning action of the Batman even scared away the criminals who were not touched by the operations triggered or conducted by the Batman. The ability to fight and scare away the criminals, terrorists and the violent makers in the city, made him furious on the criminal activities and the passion and the abilities to win always against the terrorists made him to be feared for the aggressive abilities. The activities of the villains were paralyzed and the ones who were left a life either changed their actions or fled to the other parts of the region (Smith, par 4).

The effects on his return on himself were noticeable as the fight he frequently involved himself into was impulsive with the criminals. The continued presence of the Batman humiliates the national authorities in the city. The abilities of the Batman were beyond the reach of any other person in the city and the clean sheet of performances challenged the authorities as the security troops and the commissioners could not realize the same records and he is interdicted by the government. The continued subjection to fights gives him health complications and he finally dies of heart attack (Smith, par 3).

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