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The Definition Of Dance

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The flow of one’s movements and expressions outcomes in a certain chain of movements. When a person can convey the moves with the body, it is certainly a gift. Moreover, the fact of touching upon one’s feelings and abilities is the treasure of one’s skills. For me, a definition of a dance cannot be restricted only to a “rhythmic movement of the feet or body, ordinarily to music”. A dance is the expression of human’s feelings filled with the particular tempo and rhythm that defines a personal state of mind.

As for me, one of the greatest dancers of all times who performed barefoot in various corners of the world provided the most precise definition I would personally agree with: “The dance is love, it alone, and that is enough…now I would like to dance no longer to anything but my soul”. Isidora Duncan perceived a special philosophy of dance in which she sought the connection between the movement and emotions. Possibly, that was a new technique for which she is considered a founder of a modern dance.

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Indeed, such definition varies from the commonly used definition in the dictionary. It is due to a different perception of the dance among various interest groups. Body movement accompanied with music do not necessarily mean the art to dance. Thus, my personal perception and definition will be similar to Isidora Duncan.

Even though, there are numerous ways of self-expression, the art of dance and the dance itself is one of the greatest ways to convey one’s feelings. Regarding the definition of dance, one can express a different attitude towards the theory, but in practice dance always includes the part of your soul that is conveyed my personal movements.

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