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The Effect of Obamacare on American Farmers

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Obamacare is a health initiative that is aimed at providing the American citizens affordable health services. This service is mainly directed to the rural areas that are usually characterized with populations with low income. The biggest beneficiaries of coverage are farmers who constitute the biggest proportion of citizens residing in the rural areas (Mann, 2013). Obamacare has addressed the inequalities that used to exist in the availability of medical services and has increased the quality of the services at the health facilities.

The farmers in rural areas often experience high rates of chronic disability, disease and mortality. This medical coverage has assisted the farmers to get affordable and effective medical services. With the quality of the facilities and services provided through the initiative, the health status of the rural areas communities has improved drastically (Lueck, 2013).

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The farmers in the rural areas cannot afford private insurance. This insurance usually comes from private companies that require a lot of money to subscribe. According to research, only one out of five insured Americans with the private companies comes from the rural areas (Mann, 2013). Obamacare health insurance strategically assisted the farmers to acquire a product that they could not afford by themselves.

Obamacare has greatly increased the quality of lives among the farmers. This is because it has provided insurance options that are based on the quality and affordability. This insurance cover has helped the farmers to choose the premiums and the insurance plans that that fits their needs without struggling financially. This is because insurance provided covers the most essential health benefits that include drug prescriptions, emergency services, inpatient services, behavioral health treatment and provision of pediatric care.

The nature of the job that the farmers engage disposes them to very many physical and health hazards. Some of the farmers get serious injuries as a result of the machinery and tools they handle. This leads to very fatal accidents that may also be as a result of the ignorance among the farmers in the usage of this equipment (Pear, 2013). The farmers also use chemicals some of which have very heavy metals that cause various infections in their lives. Some of the complications acquired from the work the farmers do needs specialized attention from medical practitioners (Lueck, 2013). This insurance cover has enabled the farmers to acquire special treatment that could otherwise be very expensive in private medical facilities.

The benefits that have been acquired from the Obamacare health insurance extend beyond affordability and individual health. This is because this insurance covers not only covers the farmers but also their families. This is an indication that the program not only supports the community now but also for generations. This is because the rural populations have been reducing greatly especially among the young people. This has not been initiated by the lack of desire to live in the rural areas, but for the desire to look for better infrastructure and facilities in the urban areas which include the health facilities (Mann, 2013).

The health insurance has led to assurance in the food security sector. This is because the insurance has enabled the farmers to be motivated (Lueck, 2013). This has also improved the health status of the farmers making them spend most of their time in the farms which has led to increased production. Agriculture being very crucial to the economy, the increased production has led to a positive indication in the economic development.

In conclusion, Obamacare has brought very big changes in the lives of the farmers. Most of these changes are positive and have led to the increase in the quality of life (Pear, 2013). Obamacare has also addressed the inequalities that used to exist in the availability of medical services and has increased the quality of the services at the health facilities.

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