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The Function of the Executive Branch of the US Government

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The Executive Branch of the United States government is President of the United States, the Vice President, and Cabinet. The job of the President is to enforce the laws congress passes, to act as Head of State, and be the Commander in Chief of all the Military forces. To enforce the laws of the nation, The President appoints the Cabinet. The Cabinet members oversee various aspects of the government, such as, Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security and more. The President acts as the Head of our County with other countries. He also makes military decisions as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The other member of the Executive Branch is the Vice President who is there to step in if something happens to the President.

In Texas the Governor shares executive power with elected offices, commissions, and boards. Since many people share in the powers of the Executive Branch it is called a plural executive. The Governor doesn’t appoint those in charge of different areas of the government instead they are elected and act independently of the Governor. The Governor acts as the Commander in Chief of the Texas National Guard when the state’s units aren’t under the command of the U.S. President.

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The other two members of the Executive Branch are The Secretary of State and the Lieutenant Governor. The Secretary of State oversees voter registration, keeps records of all debt and Uniform Commercial Code filings and all loans in the state are filed with the Secretary of State’s office. Senate. The other member is the Lieutenant Governor, who has some executive responsibilities, and steps in for the Governor if something were to happen.