Samples Internet The Internet and Telecommunications are the Future of International Business

The Internet and Telecommunications are the Future of International Business

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Technology has become the core of almost all the business transactions that occur in the world today. This has led to big innovations that have changed the communication and networking landscape. Some of the emerging technology available in the marketplace today include the mobile and web applications that enhance several key functions in many enterprises (Stallings & William, 2004).

These technologies can be noticed in the ability for people to connect quickly, communicate and interact through the internet and telecommunication devices. Online business transactions have been improved greatly and most. Communication within and outside organizations has been made easier as many companies make and receive orders through the online sources (Röller, Lars-Hendrik, Leonard Waverman, 2001). Management of international business companies can be so easy through the internet and telecommunications as this can enhance remote monitoring of processes.

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In the event that the stakeholders in the business world will take notice the fact the smart mobile devices are able to enhance communication, connection and collaboration through a single device unlike the use of multiple electronic devices, the use of this technology will be very fundamental in the future (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). This is because the internet and use of wireless devices have a lot of convenience characteristics like connectivity globally.

If an example of the significant business organizations is taken into consideration, internet and telecommunication can enhance interdepartmental meetings without necessarily meeting at a centralized place through teleconferencing (Röller, Lars-Hendrik, Leonard Waverman, 2001). For instance, this technology can conveniently be used to monitor stocks in companies. If internet connectivity is properly utilized, everything will be automated. Wholesale shops will be able to make their orders online. Money will be sent through wireless media, and then the goods are transported without necessarily involving a lot of physical activity.

The business world is evolving at a very high rate (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). This has led to the adoption and integration of most of the technology that uses the internet and wireless technology. In the future, this kind of technology is likely to take center stage. This is because most of the organizations will have moved to this technology. Organizations in the global market that will not have moved may end up being isolated.

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