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The Modern Problems of the Pacific Islands

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The problems of the Pacific Islanders are built on the basis of the local community where people suffer from ecological, social, cultural and economic problems. The most severe issue which happens to be the reason for many other troubles is the environmental and ecological challenge. Nowadays these territories deal with the intensive development of environmental problems because of nuclear testing in the past and modern pollution, climate changes and the specialties of traditional living on the islands. For a long time, the government has been unaware of the problems until they have become inadequate for fast solving. Nowadays the environmental problem still exists and is the reason why near the Pacific islands real artificial islands made out of plastic ruin the natural ecosystem of the ocean . It is not a surprise that ecological issues have a direct impact on the socioeconomic features of human lives on the Pacific islands .

Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia form the territorial integrity zones of the islands and adjust the relevance of all the environmental issues to the specifications of modern reality. As part of the Pacific Ocean, the islands reflect and share its climate and its development features. The environmental changes, first of all, affect the health of people who live close to the water. With years of living in such atmosphere changes in the climate make the wellbeing of local dwellers more vulnerable. The problem with ecology consists of the aggregation of garbage, which causes severe land and water pollution, global warming, natural resource depletion, and ocean acidification. The present discourse of the problem lies in the dynamics of growing potentials for reducing the consequences of the ecological disaster on the Pacific islands and to save people from its high influence. The ecological problem has a large effect on the community because it not only changes the level of living of people but also adds problems to their health.

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The widespread of the ecological issues among the Pacific islands can be stopped and reduced if enough attention is attended to the problem. The easiest part of the solution is to stop poisoning the waters with plastic garbage and to reduce its use because bottles, toothbrushes and other products cannot decompose naturally because they are done out of the plastic materials. The continuation of this method is to clean the ocean from garbage which is floating there and to control the amount of plastic in its waters . Large fines can be introduced on the islands for throwing the garbage into inappropriate places.

The problem of pollution is known in the United States of America too. However, it is less intensive because special workers every day clean the streets. Also, one of the reasons is that people are more conscious in their behavior and are better aware of the consequences which they can cause by irrational harm of throwing plastic and standard thrash on the ground or in the water. The fine policy in the USA is also stricter than on the territory of the Pacific islands. One of the main differences in the perception of the ecological issues between these two zones is that the USA has wider frames and is still better organized than the oceanic territories near the Pacific islands. The garbage comes there not only from the nearby reefs but also is brought by the oceanic flows from other places in a chaotic manner.

To reduce the display of the problem and its impact rates on the lives of people both the USA and the Pacific Islanders need to unite with people from other countries and to develop the general rules of behavior which will stop or at least slow down the climate changes and as a result the disappearance of humanity.

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