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The Natural Senses

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The five natural senses allow humans to experience the world and respond to the world around them, if the five natural senses did not exist, our world would appear to be a void, similar to the emptiness of spaces. Humans would not be able to move around, provide for their basic needs, or create new things. The natural gifts are given to us by nature. They were not acquired by our talents and abilities. The natural senses represents that way that knowledge is conveyed throughout the human race. They unify the human experience and provide it with a common language for expression of thought. The five natural senses are hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Hearing allows us to hear the sounds around us and gather information from them. Humans can experience pleasure through sound, or sound can be a warning to us that there is danger. Sound also allows humans the ability to communicate with each other. The ability to reciprocally communicate with each other and to form communities. The information that is gained through hearing allows humans to form the human race, rather than to exist as a planet full of individuals who are surviving until we die. The sense of hearing allows humans to share knowledge and to advance as a race. Progress is the result of shared knowledge.

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The sense of sight allows us to distinguish the various objects in our world. The sense of sight can help us distinguish the things that we need from things that could harm us. Sight could be considered a companion to the sense of hearing in the ability of humans to express themselves and communicate with each other. Those that lack the sense of hearing can communicate using the sense of sight through the written word and visual imagery. Sight allows humanity to recognize each other as individuals. It allows us to navigate in the space around us and on our planet. The sense of sight allows us to experience the cycles of the cosmos through the cycles of light and darkness that rule every creature on the planet. Sight could be considered the most precious of the natural senses because of the number of experiences that we can have because of it.

The sense of touch allows us to experience the qualities of certain objects in our realm of existence. The sense of touch allows us to experience softness, roughness, or whether something is solid or fluid. The sense of touch allows us to experience heat or cold, giving us the ability to regulate our body temperature through building fires to warm us, or swimming in a cool lake in the hot summer. The sense of touch allows us to directly manipulate the world around us to create objects that are useful and objects that are beautiful to stir the human emotions. Touch allows humans to build machines that can fly to the moon and allow us to experience other worlds beyond our own.

One could consider the senses of touch, sight, and hearing to be the most important ones in understanding and interacting with the world around us. When hearing, sight, or the sense of touch are impaired, the person experiences a diminished experience in the world. They are missing an essential element of the human experience. They must rely on the other senses to make up for them. When hearing is lost, the sense of sight must make up of it. The person must learn to communicate through a visual language and use pictures and written word. If sight is lost, the blind person must learn to use their sense of touch and hearing to compensate. Those who have lost the sense of touch must often have assistance from others in performing simple tasks, such as cooking or buttoning their shirt. Although it is possible for a person to experience a rich and fulfilling life when one of the main senses is lost, they will never have all of the experiences of a person who has all three intact.

It has now been established that the senses exist in a hierarchy, with the senses of hearing, sight, and touch as the most important to the human experience. The remaining two senses are the sense of smell and the sense of taste. The senses of smell and taste are intimately connected physically and in the manner in which our brains interpret them. The sense of smell and taste are intimately connected to our emotions. It is quite possible to have strong emotional recall from a certain smell or taste. This may be linked to our ancestral past when man had to be able to detect the scent of a predator or prey from a distance. A forest fire could be distinguished by the sense of smell long before the flames could be seen. The sense of taste allowed our ancestors to distinguish what foods they could eat, and what they should not eat.

All of the natural senses allow humans and animals to experience the physical world. However, they also provide the ability to describe the emotional world within. Sight, hearing, feeling, smell, and taste are intimately connected to the emotions. One can be moved by the sight of a painting, or through the melody of music. They can be moved by running their fingers across fine silk cloth or soft furs. The human touch is one of the greatest gifts and allows the ability of humans to connect in a way that goes beyond the physical world. It allows them the ability to offer each other companionship and to experience feeling of love. The sense of smell and taste are intimately connected to the emotional world of humans. Certain scents or tastes can evoke the recall of memories from the distant past. One example of his is how humans can recall the perfume of someone from their past as if they are standing beside them. The same can be said of taste, such as the smell of cookies being baked in the oven with love.

The five natural senses are more than complex systems of parts and components. They are what allows humans to have experiences that go beyond the physical. They can considered to have a hierarchy with the senses of smell, hearing, and touch at the top of the hierarchy and the senses of smell and tastes somewhat below this. This hierarchy is only based on the types and amount of information that is conveyed by them. The five natural senses allow us not only to experience or physical world, but the emotional one too.