The Presence And Use Of Guns

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There are various perspectives that assist in the acquisition of order in the society. One of the most important aspects of the regulation of social entities includes the adoption and implementation of ethical and moral standards. The ethical perspectives provide the values and beliefs along which the people in the society must conduct their activities. One of the most sensitive ethical issues in the society is the safety of the people (Doherty, 2009). Security is one of the undertakings that determines the quality of life of people in the society and the ethical issues that surround security must be taken into consideration.

The presence and use of guns in the society is one of the factors that has a direct effect on the security of the people in the society (Winkler, 2011). Gun control describes the regulations, rules, and policies that are set in relation to the restrictions associated with the production, possession and usage of guns. Gun control has generated massive debate in the society over the years because of the ethical issues that surround the endeavor in relation to the security of the people in the society (Doherty, 2009). The issues that surround gun control are associated with the effects of the undertaking on the level of crime that is experienced in the society.

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Over 40 % of the homesteads in the United States own guns. The proponents of gun control contend that the deaths of the people in relation to gun homicides are to be above 8,000 each year. These includes a number that is over 300 children that dies while over 1500 children get serious injuries. The number of people that are shot each year is above 100,000, and roughly 72% of the people that are killed make use of the gun as weapons. Taking a consideration of Japan where there is a strict law associated with gun control, there were only four people that died in 2012 from the use of the guns (On the Issues, 2014).

Gun control is an essential aspect of the society because it is likely to lead to less violence that can lead to very few deaths. This is because the acquisition of guns by many citizens is on of the habits that is likely to encourage violent behavior that leads to unnecessary brutal engagements that can lead to deaths of people. Therefore, gun control, is an essential aspect of the society because it is likely to preserve the integrity to humanity and life through the gun control perspectives (Doherty, 2009).

Some of the people that have the guns do not have the integrity to hold the weapons in their lives. The use of the guns should be applied in very extreme situations where an individual is under massive threat of losing the life. However, lack of gun control makes the guns available to all sorts of people in the society, and this puts the lives of many other people in danger (Doherty, 2009). Most of the people that have the guns just shoot out of fear and not up to protecting an essential that has a magnitude similar to saving a life.

However, opponents of gun control argue that the whole undertaking has very little effort towards promoting security in the society. This is because most of the people that are committed to owning the guns like the criminals will always have the guns. The people associated with extreme crime activities do not care about the laws that are in place to control and to acquire the guns because of their radical minds that are always aimed at enhancing destruction (Doherty, 2009). Therefore, the imposition of regulations related to gun control have little effects on the society. Further, gun control is also one of the factors that lead to the lack of insecurity in the society. This is because gun control makes very few people and households to hold the guns legitimately. However, there are many people with bad intensions that acquire the guns without the laws like the criminals. Consequently, this is likely to lead to exploitation in the society. The criminals are likely to take advantage of this and raid the people that do not have guns and undertake their missions without much resistance (Winkler, 2011). Therefore, in order to increase the levels of security in the society, the people should be allowed to own guns to promote personal security.

One of the most practical and realistic measures to the enhancements of security in the society can be obtained through gun control. One of the solutions to the challenges that associated to gun control is to conduct proper vetting before allowing an individual to own and use a gun (Doherty, 2009). The people that should be given the permission for the use of the guns must have proper reasons as to why they must own a gun. These individuals should also be given the safety measure that cab assist in reducing unnecessary use of the guns and the accidents that may come up for exposure to the guns to children. Therefore, proper formulation and application of gun control is essential towards enhancing the security of the society and the associated entities. This can also assist in eliminating the ethical issues associated with exploitation and few people owning the guns in the society. This is because the police and other law enforcing agencies can have an easier time identifying and dealing with the criminals that have the guns against the law (Doherty, 2009). Therefore, gun control is an essential step towards the improvements of the social and economic perspectives of the society.

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