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The Reddit Lightbulb

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The Reddit Lightbulb page is full of cool ideas that improve the general quality of life. I found that out of all the ideas, the most intriguing were the ideas of having LED roads for nighttime driving, and the idea that there could be glow in the dark floor tiles that show the way to the exit so that it easier to escape in the event of a fire. Both of these ideas are similar in that they involve a floor lighting in order to improve visibility.

If I were to develop a company out of these ideas, I think that the applicability of lighted flooring, whether indoor or outdoor, has many applications for the future. I think the safety features. I would have a cool company that provided a resource for lighted flooring, no matter the size of the job.

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Out of all the Reddit futurology, I found a couple of the ideas to be extremely compelling. These ideas were: Elon Musk says that we will have fully automated vehicles, not enhanced driving, but self-driving, vehicles within six months, and the idea of the company called Urban Seed. The Urban Seed company is in Las Vegas and is an indoor farm that produces fresh produce despite the desert temperatures and dryness.

If I could throw an idea out there and develop my own technology around it, I think that developing technology in the way of a drug-releasing tooth implant is a good one. This is new technology that would be immediately received by just about everyone. The only people who would complain about my invention would be dentists and toothpaste companies. This device would eliminate the need for routine care of the teeth because it would eliminate germs from the mouth.

How Entrepreneurs Come Up with Great Ideas: Response
My favorite way to come up with new ideas is most like Ben Baldwin’s method of subconscious thought. Baldwin states that he thought about his company ClearFit when he was driving at 80 miles per hour, and he was not thinking about work at all. Baldwin argues that the subconscious is a great outlet for brainstorming ideas, and I agree. I have come up with my best ideas when not trying to think of them. I also agree, that most great ideas evolve as a response to a perceived problem; however, sometimes, the problem does not have to be actively perceived to think of these great solutions. Baldwin proves that he was not actively engaged in the problems that his company addresses, but that the idea just sort of crept through his subconscious. This is most like the manner that I like to generate ideas.

In order to be successful in this class, the method that is most effective is probably not my preferred method of waiting around for my subconscious to become inspired. Sometimes the subconscious takes its time in revealing ideas, and in this class I am restricted by deadlines. Therefore, the best approach, as discussed in the article, is to Think Big, as Kevin Colleran argues. The idea behind thinking big is that I should keep asking “what if” in order to generate and improve upon ideas. This should give me a solid foundation for creativity in this class. Also, when I enact this policy of thinking big, I can pivot from ideas that have dead ends and move on. By being able to freely ask how existing technologies can be improved, improvements will necessarily follow. By innovating upon old technology, new technology is developed. This is a reliable method to ensure my success in this class.