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The Use Of Color In Architecture

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Color plays a significant role in architectural works because it presents the aesthetics of the design, which is one of the aspects that make an architectural design attractive. Designers consider the color as an integral part of their work and thus various factors that influence the choice of color should be put into consideration when designing architectural masterpieces. While these factors have been studied and their role in improving the overall experience hat an architect wants to bring forth discussed, no study has researched why and how various factors influence the color selection and preference among clients and architects. As such, this study seeks to answer the question of why and how as well as providing an explanation of the correlation of the factors. Architects and individuals will benefit from this study because it will enable them to make informed decisions regarding the color combinations to use in their designs.

The methodology of the Study
The context of the study will be the community and sample for the project will be found from the American population, which comprise of individuals from different nationalities as a result of globalization. Particularly, individuals in public places such as schools, shopping malls, and public offices in major cities in the nation will provide the data to be used in the study. Cities have a significant number of people and since the United States is one of the countries where diversity has been embraced over the years. As such, the sample from the population will be a representative sample because it will include people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, as well as different age groups. Moreover, one of the shortcomings of the studies reviewed is that they covered few geographical regions and cultures and although it might not be possible to visit all regions for the purpose of the study, individuals from those regions can be found in the United States.

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The sample for the study will be selected through random sampling and it will include individuals from different nationalities and ethnicities for it to be a representative sample of the population. Moreover, the issue of biases can be avoided if people from different backgrounds are included in the study. The sample will also include persons of different age ranges as the study will be seeking to know if color preferences could also be determined by age differences. The sample of the study will include architects and potential clients because as target groups, they have information about color choices and preferences that they would want to be used in their architectural designs. As such, the study will focus on finding both architects and their clients while avoiding the issue of bias through random sampling.

Data will be collected through interview protocols and questionnaires where participants of the study will be interviewed regarding their color preferences and selections and why they choose certain colors when designing their homes and offices. Interview questions will be structured such that the participants willing to provide additional information will have the opportunity. Moreover, the study can only be said to be conclusive if it will provide comprehensive answers to the research questions. Similarly, questionnaires will also be structured with open-end questions asking their reasons for choosing certain colors and not others and then distributed to the sample for filling. Data will be collected for a period of 2 to 3 months, which will give participants of the study time to fill questionnaires and send them back for analysis. The same time will be quires for the interviews since it will entail interviewing participants from major cities. Data from interviews and questionnaires will then be analyzed and the findings of the study provided.