Third Party Presidential Candidate 2020

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Hello, fellow marginalized Americans!
I come to you today not only as a hopeful independent candidate for the presidency of this once-great country, but also as a potential agent of change. Like many of you, I have become not only disillusioned but sickened by what the major political parties are doing to this nation. A country founded on the platform of “by the people, for the people” is now under the control of big business and special interests. One percent of this country’s wealthiest people hold over 25 percent of the wealth (Miller N.P.), while the majority of hard-working citizens live either below or dangerously close to the poverty level. America’s previous promise that anyone could make their way to the top if they were willing to work hard enough is now an empty one—thanks to the help of the government, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

It should be no surprise that President Trump is firmly in the pocket of big business—the president belongs to that club himself and is simply looking out for the interests of his cronies. Plus, having absolutely no frame of reference to understand the plight of the average citizen, he would have no idea how to help them even if he were so inclined, which he has shown time and time again that he is not. Trump is interested in one thing: what is good for Trump, and if that means trampling on the rights of the average citizen, censoring the free press, and spending more time dodging impeachment and possible prosecution than running the country, that is exactly what he is going to do. I cannot say this strongly enough—President Trump does not care about you. The two main parties do not care about you. They do not care about this country. They only bother to learn what we need to do to fix what’s wrong so they can parrot it during speeches and debates (Miller N.P.). Do not be fooled by this. They do not really want to fix anything—they want to win, at which point they will go back to embracing the status quo.

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You might be wondering what I bring to the table. I bring a genuine love for this country and its people. My Native American roots have taught me to respect the environment, which is currently on its last breath. I am not a millionaire. I do not know any millionaires. The people I relate to work for a living and struggle to provide for their families. I do not care about big business, nor do I owe anything to them or expect anything from them. What I care about is fixing what is broken in this country: the economy, education, the healthcare system, and especially the government (Miller N.P.). I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, and I’m not saying it will happen overnight. But I am saying that it can be done; it’s just going to take someone who not only understands the problems that need to be fixed, but who actually wants to fix them. You are not going to find that with either of the main party candidates—they have proven at every turn that they are fine with things the way they are. They are privileged and thus represent the privileged. These are the only people they understand. What this country needs is a regular man in the Oval Office. I hope to be that man and to serve the majority of this nation’s citizens, not the privileged few.

  • Miller, Matt. “The Third-Party Stump Speech We Need.” The Washington Post, Sep 2011.

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