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Thoughts on Facebook

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Internet has arguably the most revolutionary technology over the last century and social media has arguably the most revolutionary internet technology over the last decade. It is hard to imagine a person in the U.S. whose personal or professional life might not have been affected by social media in some manner. When it comes to social media, Facebook is the leader of the pack at the moment. Even though the original purpose of Facebook was to allow college students to stay in touch with their class mates and friends, the scope of the site has significantly expanded since then.

There may be certain shortcomings of Facebook but overall the social media giant has been a positive force in the society. Facebook should continue to exist because it leads to more knowledgeable society. Users often share news stories with friends which ensure that significant events get major exposure. Facebook also encourages social and political activism because it makes it easier to reach others with similar views and opinions and join hands to promote change. The third benefit of Facebook is that it promotes cultural understanding since people from all over the world are on Facebook. Cultural understanding and respect plays major role in promoting peace.

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Our world will be a better place if everyone adopts my views on social media. First of all, the public will be more empowered to promote positive change and politicians and corporations will face greater accountability. Being knowledgeable will also mean we will bring several positive changes in our lives such as taking greater interests in other cultures, adopting lifestyle changes that promote overall welfare of the society, and becoming more objective thinkers. Thus, Facebook has overall been a positive force in the society.