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Total Quality Management Research Proposal

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Research Topic
Establishing product quality using Total Quality Management in the polymer manufacturing industry.
Background of Research
A firm that has good TQM will certainly enhance its effectiveness and competitiveness. As such, manufacturing companies have applied TQM as a strategic tool, which has seen these companies grow and sustain their presence in extremely competitive markets. However, a number of manufacturing companies, especially in the polymer industry, have failed to develop appropriate groundwork, which they could use to implement TQM and reach their organizational goals. TQM is best understood as comprising hard factors and soft factors such as tools, techniques, and management (Benavides-Velasco, Quintana-García and Marchante-Lara, 2014).

Problem Statement
The importance of developing a total quality management has long been considered in the manufacturing industry, more specifically in the polymer industry. The polymer manufacturing industry has experienced problems that pertain to compliance, process design, product design, imbalanced inputs and outputs, and lack of standards. These problems are categorized as design and performance problems. These problems can be eliminated in case a well-established total quality management framework is designed and followed. Management leadership is a crucial element in TQM, and its absence in an organization results in lack of TQM implementation. An organization culture that is not interested in or committed to TQM should be studied to ascertain the potential causes of failing to implement. Through TQM, customers will definitely benefit from the high-quality products that are being manufactured by the polymer industry (Gimenez-Espin, Jiménez-Jiménez and Martínez-Costa, 2013). Improvement of processes and elimination of waste while manufacturing can be achieved through proper implementation of TQM. There is a need to establish product quality using TQM in the polymer manufacturing industry since this will ensure that a company edges out its competitors by satisfying its customers’ needs.

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The following objectives will help answer the research topic;
To establish how a firm in the polymer industry that is facing increased competition can enhance its competitiveness through employing total quality management.
To establish how total quality management and managerial performance evaluation systems can be applied in the manufacturing processes in the polymer industry.
To determine whether the embracing of teamwork, the formation of quality management environment, focus on customers and close relationship with suppliers, and the use of quality control tools and techniques are factors that improve total quality management.

This research will primarily utilize literature review and case study analysis. In essence, it will be a qualitative study. Providing information on what TQM is and is not will be very instrumental in establishing this research’s scope and direction. In order for an organisation to function well and reach its goals, various parties such as the firm, employees, management, suppliers, and customers must interact at various intervals (Kaynak, 2003). From this idea, the various factors that involve the aforementioned and implementation of the TQM can be determined. This will be followed by a comprehensive analysis of case studies, which apply to the implementation of TQM in different manufacturing industries. This will be followed by a close look at the polymer industry. The study will consult both online and offline materials. Online materials will be peer-reviewed research journals, while offline materials will be case studies from the institution’s library.

Schedule of Research Work
The research study will take place from October 2018 to February 2019. The period can be adjusted depending on academic calendar and the supervisor.
Developing purpose and strategy October 2018
Forming research question October 2018
Conducting study through reviewing literature and case studies November 2018- January 2019
Writing final report- February 2019

Expected Outcome
The study expected to come up with an outcome that would clearly outline the best practices that are associated with implementing a TQM that, in turn, will ensure that a company manufactures high-quality polymer products and gets ahead of the competition through availing customers with what they need.

Through the study, a company in the polymer industry will be able to apply the knowledge of TQM in its operations, and thus, satisfy its customers and generate profits.

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