Samples Architecture Traditional Architecture in the Arabian Gulf Countries

Traditional Architecture in the Arabian Gulf Countries

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In order to best research and study traditional architecture in the Arabian Gulf countries, it has been determined that the appropriate methodology for the project is that of historical analysis and qualitative methodologies, which allows for the researcher to make sense of the data by reviewing past materials including architecture and literature as a means of determining the
answers to questions posed by the study (Gardner, 2006).

Data Collection
The data collected will consist of information on Gulf architecture in the past of both public and private buildings.

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Data Analysis
After the data has been collected regarding the architecture of the region, it will be analyzed in order to create a formal analysis of the materials used within the region, as there is very little information written about the architecture of the Arabian Gulf (Lockerbie, 2013). The Arabian Gulf countries consist of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Iran, and the unique problems presented by the region’s climate and its distinct lack of easily accessible potable water lend interesting angles to the architecture of the region (Hawker, p. xiii). By working to understand how the climate has played a large part in the architecture of the area, it will be possible to understand roof rooms, which allow for additional cooling as a result of cross breezes, and the reasons for using clay as opposed to other materials in the building’s creation (Lewcock, p. 46). Once the information has all been analyzed, it will be possible to better understand the architecture of the reason, and the design choices used.

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