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Transference Of Knowledge In The Workplace

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Annotated Bibliography

Abubakar, A. M. et al. (2017). Knowledge management, decision-making style and organizational performance. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge. Retrieved from

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The source is an article journal that researches that relationship between knowledge management, the styles in decision making as well as the impact of knowledge management to the organizations’ performance. Abubakar determines some enabling factors of knowledge management that have an effect on organizational performance. The factors are employees’ collaboration, learning as well as appropriate IT support. Abubakar also determines that the style of decision making will influence the synthesis between knowledge management and organizational performance. The article can be used to determine the effect of knowledge transfer on organizational performance as well as decision making.

Eckardt, R. (2014). Tacit knowledge transfer and firm Growth: An experience-based approach.
The source examines another aspect that is related to knowledge transfer in the workplace. Eckardt determines how knowledge transfer has an effect on the growth of any organization; in this particular case, tactical knowledge is being evaluated to determine its relationship to the growth of any organization. Different aspects in regards to tactical knowledge are being investigated such as the nature of tactical information, importance of tactical information to the organization and how organizations can acquire tactical information. According to Eckardt, tactical information is vital to give any organization the required competitive advantage needed for a firm’s growth. The source can be used to show how tactical knowledge transfer leads to growth in the organization.

Palvalin, M. et al. (2018). The relation between knowledge transfer and productivity in knowledge work. Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 16(1), 118-125. Retrieved from
The articles examine how knowledge transfer affects the level of productivity within the workplace. Palvalin examines how different employees with different knowledge to some given information react to different levels of information in regards to their productivity. The article is based on a research conducted in Finland on 998 workers from different organizations of different sizes. According to Palvalin, “increased understanding will help managers to evaluate the effects of investing in supporting information flows and knowledge transfer within their organizations.” The source will be useful in determining how the appropriate knowledge that employees have will increase their productivity in the workplace.