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Transition to Farming

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1. The peculiarity of sedentary societies is that they permanently live on the same territories cultivating constrained parcels of land for a long time and breeding animals. In comparison to nomadic tribes, those who led a sedentary lifestyle had an opportunity to build some dwellings for permanent living that helped them to survive poor weather conditions and protected them from wild animals.

2. Technological specialization allowed all people to be engaged in those activities they had a knack for and to share specific knowledge within small groups of people performing the same activities. Such approach was much more effective than just sharing common knowledge among all members of the community since it led to the optimization of most processes and improvement of the community’s well-being. Under the conditions of the sedentary lifestyle, these factors were extremely important. Due to the climate changes and inability to search for provision on the remote territories, people had to cultivate land, reap the harvest, and, generally, prepare for winter as quickly and effectively as possible, and technological specialization allowed them to do it.

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3. Since every person was engaged in a particular activity, depending on the quality of their performance, they all had different income and lived in different conditions. As a result, the concept of wealth appeared that further led to the changes in the social hierarchy, such as the emergence of the elite, and signified the beginning of civilization. However, the creation of wealth also led to numerous problems with security, and the cases of robberies became very frequent.

4. Domestication of plants and animals allowed people to satisfy the basic human demand for food. Since they did not have an opportunity to hunt as often as when they led a nomad lifestyle, domestication was one of the most effective ways to increase the quantity of food supplies. Moreover, it made people partially independent on weather conditions and gave them a chance to make predictions about the coming year, avoid famines, and, generally, lead a more comfortable life.

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