TV as Advertising Medium

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Advertising has an interesting history. In the 1950’s, soap operas were called “soaps,” due to the ads shown during the shows, featuring products from Proctor & Gamble. People saw the same ads over and over. Advertising was the way to finance TV> Then, TV ads switched to diapers, pop, grocery stores, and cereal commercials in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The 1990’s switched to beer commercials and TV shows. Video games and musicians are shown more in TV ads now. Within the past 15 years, the drug companies have taken over, many ads on television for different drugs for allergies, depression, sexual dysfunction, and acid reflux.

I feel that DVR and internet television put TV advertisers at a disadvantage. If people can skip through television commercials, they usually do. Therefore, other types of advertising have gained in popularity, such as signs and billboards on the thruway, pop up ads on the internet, and ads on You Tube that allow people to skip ads or watch them. The “skip ads’ are clever. By only giving people a certain amount of time to skip the ad, sometimes viewers are stuck watching ads.

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As a consultant for magazine companies, I would encourage the magazine to advertise in a variety of ways, such as online, television, through e-mail, regular mail, and on social media websites. Using a variety of avenues to advertise gives more exposure, which can increase magazine sales and revenue. In terms of using ads in their magazine, I would advise magazine editors to choose ads that are colorful, eye catching, and that focus on their target audience.

I think online ads are a good idea. My model would include gathering data that assessed for number of magazines sold per month, target audience, type of current advertisers, and cost of putting a magazine online. A magazine that is selling really well would benefit by going online. If the magazine used advertisers that are not online, new advertisers who have online exposure would need to be found and secured. Older people may not want to switch to online reading. The magazine would also need to hire people who are skilled at graphic art and online publishing.

TV advertising has changed over the years, online ads replacing many TV ads. The switch to online magazines and ads is a good idea, more revenue possible for magazine editors.

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