Types of Romantic Movies

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It is almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t enjoy watching movies even though they may prefer different categories such as action, drama, romantic, comedy, and horror. One of the categories I enjoy most is romantic category. I like the fact that romantic category is quite diverse as evident by different types such as feel-good, teen, musical, competition, and gender-issues. But the primary reason romantic movies appeal to me is that they often address issues most of us have dealt with at some point in our lives and in addition, they often reflect dreams many of us also have.

Most of us loved fairy tales in our childhood which often ended with the sentence, “happily ever after!” This is not surprising because who doesn’t love happy endings. Thus, it is only natural that one of the most popular types of romantic movies are feel-good movies. Some movies that fall within feel-good type are When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing, and Pretty Woman. Feel-good movies usually imply that love conquers all even if the path to a happy ending is not easy. The key is to have the conviction that love conquers everything. There is a reason these movies are often called chick flicks because many women prefer to watch such movies with their significant others. Feel-good movies often involve characters who are quite different from each other whether in economic aspect, professional aspect, or cultural aspect among other things. The fact that those who are meant to come together eventually do despite all the hurdles sends the message that love knows no boundaries. As a result, many couples may even watch feel-good movies for a dose of inspiration.

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Another type of romantic movies is teen. These movies usually take place in high school or college settings. In addition to romance, teen movies also strive to show the high school and college culture to the viewers and, thus, succeed in bonding with them because many viewers have been through or at least have witnessed such cultures firsthand. Movies that fall within teen type include Mean Girls and Juno. Another major element of teen movies is that they also deal with the issues young lovers usually deal with which often result from factors such as lack of experience and maturity etc. Thus, it is not uncommon for at least one of the main characters to make mistakes and only realizing the true extent of them later. Teen movies also tend to have happy endings so as to send the message to young viewers that mistakes are part of the relationship and people can grow from them

The third type of romantic movies is musical. Some of the most famous movies in this type are The Sound of Music and Grease. As the name implies, these movies are characterized by songs within movies which are usually cheerful in Hollywood creations. But those who also watch foreign cinema may be aware that Indian Film Industry called Bollywood rarely makes a movie without songs. It is almost unimaginable in Bollywood to make a movie without songs no matter which category and even horror category is not excluded from it. As far as Hollywood is concerned, musicals are not produced as frequently as they used to in the past though popular TV show Glee may revive the old trend.

The fourth type of romantic movies is competition. In this type, the main actor is divided between two potential suitors who are each vying for his/her attention. Popular movies in this type include Bridget Jones’s Diary and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. These movies usually depict two suitors with quite contrasting backgrounds such as one may be city person while other from a rural background or one may be quite rich where as other may be one with a 9-to-5 job. Such movies often promote stereotypes, even if unintentionally, against money and power as the one with humble background is always the one with heart of gold and, thus, the winner in the end. The central message in such movies is that love is pure and doesn’t have a price, thus, the one with the true love eventually comes out as the winner.

The fifth type of romantic movies is gender-issues. Some movies in this type are Sex and the City (movie), Think like a Man, and He’s just not that into you. These movies could be thought of as psychology lessons on men and women as they usually depict how men and women think and what they want. One of the central themes in this movie is that men and women often don’t know how different they are and lack of communication/understanding of each other only magnifies the problems. As in real life, the struggling couples usually turn to their friends for advice and eventually couples do succeed in sorting out their differences as well as learning the art of compromise. Thus, the message to the viewers is that relationships are hard and require work from both sides.

It is clear that romantic movies usually fall in one of several categories which explains their wide appeal from young people to adults. Though most romantic movies opt for happy ending, some do take the risk of a tragic end. The most famous example in this regard may be Titanic. Nevertheless, it is not hard to understand the appeal of romantic movies as they often depict life experiences many of us have gone through and in addition, they also reflect one of our deepest desires, i.e. to find true love.

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