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University of San Diego Transfer Statement

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One cannot overstate the importance of college education in today’s highly competitive world. Just as it is important to get college education, it is also important to choose a place one feels comfortable and has access to tremendous learning opportunities. While I have enjoyed my time at Idaho State University, I would like to move to a place where I learn even more and also enjoy a better quality of life. After looking at different options, I am most drawn to University of San Diego and I am even more confident in my choice after visiting University of San Diego’s campus last fall.

I am majoring in finance and have not found most of the finance classes I have taken at Idaho State University. In contrast, my friends and acquaintances who studied at University of San Diego spoke highly of their experiences as finance major and almost everyone got hired upon graduation. Thus, I hope to not only study under the guidance of some of the best finance professors in the country but also hope to enjoy access to tremendous out-of-the-class learning opportunities such as internships, and networking with companies’ representatives and industry professionals. In addition, I also hope to interact with finance students from all over the world who could help me broaden my thinking horizon.

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As a Muslim student from Kuwait, I am also attracted to California’s culture which is more welcoming and progressive as compared to other states including Idaho. When one feels comfortable in a place, he is more inspired to interact with locals. California also enjoys diversity to a level that exists in only few other states. In addition, California has a sizable community of Arab nationals from all over the world. Thus, the state has quite an international atmosphere which will make me feel at home.

I am also attracted to California’s weather and while it may not be important to some students, I believe these external factors like weather and geographical location of the university makes significant difference in the overall quality of college life. Like California’s weather, University of San Diego’s ideal location also holds tremendous appeal to me. In addition to enjoying the beauty of San Diego including its majestic beaches, I will also be able to travel to Los Angeles over the weekends and enjoy all the cultural and artistic offerings of the city.

At University of San Diego, I will not only get superior education but will also develop valuable soft skills such as cross-cultural skills, communication, teamwork, and leadership that are increasingly important in today’s world which is being shaped by the forces of globalization. In addition to academics, I also hope to actively engage with on-campus organizations. I may return to my country eventually but my priority is to gain experience in the U.S., especially with innovative companies and California is home to some of the most innovative companies not only in the U.S. but in the entire world. It is also possible that my academic and work experiences as a student at University of San Diego may inspire me to eventually embrace entrepreneurship and start my own company. Despite being finance major, I am inspired by the tremendous progress in technology which is even shaping the modern finance profession.

I look forward to have the time of my life at University of San Diego, both as a college student as well as a citizen of the city of San Diego. I have no doubt my experiences will inspire many other future students from my country to choose University of San Diego. It is also my hope I will be an effective ambassador of the university in the real world after completing my studies.

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