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Voice is the most vital element for successful writing. Without voice, it is quite obvious that good number of readers will not be able to read past the introductory paragraph with respect to any written material. It is a common perception that voice is only depicted through people i.e. by having a squeaky, soft, deep voice etc. technically now one can hear you through writing but through the diction of words and how one chooses to use them. Personally, I have developed a unique and distinct voice. Although it took time, but upon realization of the need to communicate efficiently with my audience, it was time to embark on finding the ‘magic’ voice. Training is an important step towards achieving fluency.

I came up with a five-minute writing technique that I used to do each successive day. By not fully focusing on quality but quality, I was able to have a free flow and a resultant writing that was not only authentic but quirky and natural. I began to perceive writing as a normal conversation. I would read out loud to myself and at times to my friends and figure out whether what I have written actually sounds like me. In addition, a good number of people have been taught to write according to English conventions, that it is a requirement to stifle their writings and voices by coming up with Standard English. Any writing must have a message. I do not disagree that English conventions are not imperative but I fear that the inception of such a mentality hinders one from exploring the ability to discover their realistic voice.

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One crucial aspect that I have endeared in writing is that, one should write what they precisely know. Many writers make a mistake of picking topics that are interesting by looking at them but when conceptualizing, they end up having no voice at all. It is quite important for a writer to achieve authenticity as opposed to popularity. A good writer is one who learns from the best. Just like in other aspects of life, having a role model would be a great step for one to be an excellent writer with an impeccable voice. Reading materials from other great writers is a means of exchanging intellectual knowledge. Not only did I learn how to write and communicate effectively, but also incepted the skills that are pertinent in connecting with my audience. Whether implicitly or one thinks about it, there is always a target audience. To this effect, it is paramount to develop a voice and learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas.

My school instructors have also been instrumental in helping me become a good writer. I remember, for instance, during English lessons, my teacher would stand and ask us to write and read short essays in front of the whole class. It was then her personal initiative to correct and guide us through skillful and effective writing and reading procedures. I remember that at one instance when I was joining another school, I had to write an entrance exam that would test my English proficiency. This was among the crucial and most determining factors used as a criterion for any student who wanted to join the school. We were asked to write about who was our role model in life. Before we started, the invigilator asked us not be tensed and pensive and instead use our imagination, creativity and facts in writing the essay. The main aim was to ascertain the level of creativity and how well we could conceptualize and summarize our ideas into paper.

Through the years, I have discovered tremendous practical and creative ways for expressing myself. Previously, I had low self-esteem issues when it came to expression but with time I realized that I had to channel and use words to express myself. There is need for me as a writer to take time and give my audience my experiences through incorporating diverse mechanisms commonly referred to as ‘I statements’. Most of the writers who write poetry or fiction do so as a way of expressing themselves. What a writer writes, directly or indirectly, expresses their inner self. Writing is not quite easy. Sitting down and coming up with words to act as an expression is not quite easy. What emanates through writing is in most cases coherent to what an author feels, though in rare cases seem to not to express their feelings in a perfect way.

I have learnt that for proper expression, there is need to use good grammar. Not only is learning grammar important but also practicing the fundamental rules of grammar. When one familiarizes with the language rules, grammar then becomes a tool for proper expression. Vocabulary is also pertinent when one is expressing themselves. This does not necessarily mean that a writer has to know ‘big words’ in order to express your feelings effectively but how to use the right word. This is a concept that has been very vital in my expressions and that is why I believe they are unique. I have learnt that honesty and a certain level of fearfulness are some of the attributes that a good number of writers out there lack. This psychological challenge has enabled and challenged me from time to time, to know what my exact feelings are and how to channel them. I believe that any writer who incepts all the aforementioned can then have a clear and distinct voice in their work.