Volunteering for the Olympic Truce

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My work as a volunteer for the Olympic Truce has had a tremendous impact on my life, and learning about the foundation’s mission to cultivate international understanding and promote friendship and peace, has been a guiding light for my future, and has given me a strong foundation for my outlook on life.

My volunteer duties included helping to organize both the “Imagine Peace Campaign” and the “Imagine Peace Camp”; and I also participated in the “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace”. This taught me a great deal about the vital contribution that healthy lifestyles, physical activity and sport make to our educational process and human development. It also showed me that even in the most antagonistic situations between opposing nations and cultures, the love of sport can transcend hatred and bigotry and unite people together through this commonality. The Olympic spirit is very important to me as I am Greek, and it is a very strong part of my culture and heritage. Greece is the birth place of the Olympics, and its magnificent history is known throughout the world. This made me want to excel in my volunteer duties which involved helping out with sports activities and interactive workshops for the furtherance of the Olympic values: friendship, excellence and respect, as well as diversity, intercultural dialogue, and peace.

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Learning and understanding about these perspectives on life gave me a deep feeling of accomplishment. This has installed a feeling of pride in me because the Olympic cause is part of every Greek person’s beliefs, and it relates to the person that I am because I wholeheartedly believe in these values, and think that if we all practised them the world would be a much better place, and society as a whole would be far more tolerant.

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