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What a SDSU Student Must Do to Have a Successful Career

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While it might be tempting to think that all students end up in careers based upon their chosen college major, statistics indicate that just twenty-seven-percent of students end up in careers directly related to their majors. This suggests that there are many different elements that can go into a student’s career choice in addition to what that student has studied in college. With this in mind, accomplishing one’s goal can be easily accomplished by pursuing one’s passion, seeking out the valuable advice of trusted individuals, and taking tangible steps to develop one’s talent.

Perhaps the most important thing a student can do is follow his or her passion. While there are many forces in society that weigh on students and make students think that money or security is the most important thing, a great career is typically one that comes from the area of a student’s greatest passion. In order to discover one’s passion a student must ask himself what things he is interested in. Likewise, students must think long and hard about things that they enjoy doing. When students are not quite sure where their passions lie, the easiest thing is to take a strong account of what things they like to do on a day to day basis. For some students, this might be sports. For others, it might be engaging in business transactions. Others might enjoy helping people through their problems. Students who cannot find something that they truly enjoy might need to try new experiences in order to discover new and emerging interests.

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Whatever the case, the important thing is for a student to not go the conventional route, chasing the money. sums this concept up quite rightly when it says, “You may have fallen into the trap of thinking that the soul of work is to bring home enough money to live comfortable” ( Rather than chasing the money, a SDSU student can have a successful career by finding out what passions he holds and following those passions through. From there, one can move forward with other strategies, including seeking out the advice of individuals who can certainly help.

In order to have a great career, an individual should seek out the advice of people who can be trusted to give an opinion on an important matter like one’s future career. It is important to understand that advice is truly only as good as the person who is giving it. With this in mind, a smart student will seek out the advice of people that can be trusted from on a personal level. These people are sure to have a person’s best interests at heart, and this ultimately means that their advice will not be tainted by nefarious motives. More than just focusing on taking the advice of people you trust, it is important to take the advice of people who are in the field that a student wants to pursue. A student who thinks he might want to be a lawyer would be wise to discuss the situation with a lawyer. That person can provide a very real picture of what it is like to operate in that particular field.

As indicates, speaking to a person in your given field will give you an idea of whether you could truly be happy doing the kind of work that is required of professionals in the field you have chosen ( With this in mind, if an SDSU student wants to get the best out of their career, then it pays to take the advice offered by people who can be trusted and those who have developed some sort of valuable reputation within a given field.

To have a good career, it is not enough to simply find one’s interests and seek out the advice of people who have the capacity to give it. More than that, one must also do whatever necessary to develop that talent. After all, talent is not something that a person simply possesses. It is, instead, something that must be cultivated over the course of time. In order to develop one’s talent, a student can do a number of different things. One might take additional classes in order to develop extra skills or ensure that current skills are sharp. On top of that, students must practice their talents on a regular basis in order for that skill to remain relevant. If one were an athlete, practice would be important to maintain skills. This is also true for people who work in a wide range of different industries. If one does not develop his or her talent, the talent will go away, and this will lead to a diminished career. Often, a student can get burnt out or depressed while trying to cultivate a talent. In order for an SDSU student to have a great career, he or she must do everything possible to cultivate that talent without experiencing this kind of burnout and depression.

In order for an SDSU student to have a meaningful and successful career, he must do more than just follow the career path suggested by his major. He must also find his passion, take the advice of those people who he trusts, and reach out to individuals who have an understanding of what it is like to operate in a given industry. From there, a successful career relies on the ability of an individual to develop his or her talent as much as possible. Though these things will not guarantee success in any career, they do offer students the best chance at finding long-term success.

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