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What Is a Canadian?

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Being a Canadian is much more than just being a citizen of a country. It incorporates an abundance of unique features typical for people who live in this region. These characteristics are often connected with interpersonal communication, social norms, and individual traits. Some of them are well-known and universal, while others are exceptional and culture-bound. To understand the specificity of the country and thus people who live there, it is important to elaborate on the mental, emotional, and social sides of Canadians and their personality.

It is not a secret that Canada is a land of immigrants. So the term “melting pot” is perfectly applicable to this country too. Many of my acquaintance are not native-born Canadians. A friend of mine, for example, was born in the USA and moved to Canada in childhood. But it does not make him “less” Canadian. Here lies the first and foremost feature of all Canadians — acceptance and equality. This characteristic is deeply rooted in the minds of all Canadians. The matter is that Canadians respect other people regardless of their origin, color of skin, social status, and bank account. Their personality is always in the first place. Such treatment has become a part of a nurturing model and integrated into the culture of our nation. My mother has always told me, “Be kind to people, and they will treat you the same way”. I believe that this phrase can genuinely describe the attitude of most Canadians to close people as well as foreigners. This inner belief is often expressed through our hospitality, patience, honesty, and sympathy. Therefore, Canadians are always eager to help and maintain a positive attitude toward many things.

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Another important feature of Canadian people is the optimistic state of mind. It is tightly connected with people’s emotions and overall perception of things that surround them. One could never hear a Canadian talking about his or her problems. It happens so not because of the absence of them, but the ability to accept them as a kind of life experience. It is also essential to compensate for all negative things in one’s life with the help of a sincere smile. For some people, it may sound a bit unusual, but it really helps to suppress the slightest trace of pessimism. One of the best ways to cheer oneself up is to walk around and greet people with a smile. There is hardly a situation when a Canadian will not respond to it. The smile for a Canadian is as natural as the bowing in Japan or a kiss on the cheek in France. It has become a part of everyday life and quickly integrated into the culture of communication in Canada.

Interpersonal relationship is a next sphere where Canadians may seem different from other nationalities. The politeness is a background for any kind of communication — professional or private. The calm manner of speaking without interference and excessive expressivity is the best option for a Canadian. I always say hello to my neighbors, bus drivers, and shop assistants. For me, it is an essential part of everyday communication, especially in public places. Another reason for such behavior is the possibility to get in touch with the world. Since people that surround me are the part of the environment, together with busy streets and hectic lifestyle. This culture of small talk can be seen everywhere in Canada — in the elevator, on the bus station, or at the local shop. It is easier for people to find out the latest news, talk about the weather, or simply make conversation.

Besides such a welcoming attitude shows genuine respect to the interlocutor and the ability to listen to, as well as give a chance to speak out. Despite the fact that Canadians are great interlocutors, they highly appreciate one’s individuality. It is rather an inconsistent approach, especially on the social level. Canadians always place their individuality before other things like social acceptance. However, this feature should not be confused with selfishness. Individualism is viewed as an opportunity to feel comfortable in a certain environment. It directly correlates with the notion of acceptance which was mentioned before.

Taking everything into consideration, there is no doubt that a Canadian is more than a person who lives in Canada. It is a person who possesses unique features of a multifaceted culture. These characteristics are often connected with personal beliefs and values, as well as social influence. One can designate them as equality, acceptance, genuine optimism, sympathy, respect, politeness, and a high-level individualism.