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Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years Essay

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Having owned a beauty salon in the past and currently being the owner of a hand-crafts shop, I am used to running my own business. But now, I am ready to move my career in a different direction. With respect to my career goals over the next half decade, I would like to move into the international finance or luxury goods and services market. In order to achieve my goals, I plan to earn a Master’s Degree in international business. My long-term dream job, on the other hand, is quite different than working on the international scene. I would like to start an animal shelter and work with abandoned and street dogs in particular.

Before I can achieve my goals with respect to developing my dream job, I need to develop a career that has long-term sustainability and financial reward. Working in international finance or luxury goods and services provides the potential for both. But, before I can land a job on the international scene, I need to further my education. As a result, the first step in the advancement of my career is earning a Master’s degree. I will be attending Columbia MBA.

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However, earning a degree in international business is not enough. I have to make certain that I learn everything that is necessary to hit the ground running in whatever industry or sector I choose. So over the next two to three years, I need to take advantage of every class and learn everything my professors at Columbia have to offer with respect to international industry. Earning a Master’s Degree in International Business will not be enough. I need to excel in every class and make certain that I understand every concept taught in great depth. I must be able to not only land interviews because I excelled in my Columbia post-graduate classes, but give potential employers confidence that I can achieve what they need performed at an elite level.

In order to excel in Columbia post-graduate classes to that degree, I am going to have to learn a great deal on my own. In addition to the materials presented in the classrooms, I am going to need to take it upon myself to learn new software; have an understanding of real-world markets; improve my English; and begin learning Mandarin or another foreign language. Additionally, I need to make certain that I have interviews lined up prior to graduation. I need to be in a position to start working as soon as I finish my last class, if not sooner.

And, once I land a job, I need to make it abundantly clear that I have the skills and determination to succeed. I need to give my employer the confidence to begin giving me additionally responsibilities immediately. It is necessary for me to begin fast-tracking myself toward promotions from the moment I step in the door. Only by moving up — and moving up quickly — can I achieve both my career goals and my long-term, dream-job goals.

If I achieve my goals and begin succeeding immediately, I can begin working only the animal shelter within 10 years. While I do not expect to stop working in the international finance or luxury scenes immediately upon opening the shelter, if things go as I expect, I will be able to slowly transition from my position in an international firm to working as an administrator in the shelter. Ideally, once I have spent 20 or 30 years working for an international firm, I can retire with the financial stability necessary for me to work at the animal shelter for a moderate salary. That will allow me to spend time doing what I love, but not have to worry about finances as a result of doing so.

While I have long-term goals, I am also extremely focused on the present. I know that unless I succeed in doing well in my international business Master’s Degree courses, I will have a difficult time making my dreams come true. As such, I plan to take every day one day at a time and put out my best effort in everything I do. From the biggest projects to the smallest details, I expect myself to produce perfection.

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