White Ribbon Campaign

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The goal of our project is to initiate the “White Ribbon Campaign” which promotes awareness and education about the violence that women experience on a daily basis. One of the most common forms of violence against women is domestic abuse, in which a woman is abused by either her husband or boyfriend. Many of the women in these terrible situations are afraid to come forward about the issue for fear that reporting it will lead to a higher degree of abuse. As a result, many of these women continue to be physically abused and some of them end up suffering long term physical and psychological stress. In some cases, the abuse is so bad that these women end up dying.

Initially, we aimed to promote awareness of the White Ribbon Campaign by preparing a presentation for high school students about women’s issues. This presentation would have included background information about violence against women, including recent news stories in addition to the personal tales of victims. We would then explain how to identify when a woman has suffered abuse and what to do to help them; this situation occurs more frequently than most people expect and it helps greatly when the victim has someone she is able to confide in about her situation.

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Unfortunately, this plan was unable to be implemented because we contacted several high schools and none would allow us to present this topic. Even though we called many schools, none would get back to us with a clear answer. It is possible that the schools believed this was too graphic of a topic for their students. Therefore, we resorted to spreading the campaign right here on campus. Overall, the campaign was a success and we believe we were able to reach many students through our presentation.

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