Who Inspires You? Essay About Margaret Abbott

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To inspire means to endow someone with an opportunity to overcome barriers he/she may be experiencing throughout life. By immersing into the course of sports history, it comes to light that there has been a myriad of professional athletes who managed to create a platform for others to push to the edge of their limits. To a varying degree, all of the participating sportsmen are inspiring millions of people on some level. At the same time, however, there is something truly remarkable about one particular athlete. I would like to make mention of Margaret Abbott, one of the top female Olympians in US history. Yes, Margaret Abbott was deservedly granted the status of the world-class athlete. Not only did this female athlete work hard to reach her full potential, but she also encountered a tone of social boundaries on her way. Based on Abbott’s story, it can be said with certainty that the road to success is often paved with obstacles.

Born in Calcutta, India (1878), Margaret Abbott turned to be one of the first American women to participate in the Olympic Games. In 1890’s, Abbott began to play at the Chicago Golf Club. At the age of 23, she became the first American female Olympic Medalist. Markedly, she competed and won the Olympic golf tournament in Paris (1900). At the 1900 Paris Games, Marg competed in golf tournament and finished the nine holes with a score of 47. By an irony of fate, Margaret would never know that she appeared to be the first American female to be an Olympic champion. At the Paris 1900 Games, the biggest novelty consisted in allowing women to take part in an Olympic event. Margaret Abbott died in 1955 and left the legacy as a historical figure whose achievements went unrecognized for the rest of her life.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that Margaret Abbott represents an inspirational and meaningful sport figure to me. I am firmly minded to claim that this woman should be referred to as a pioneer or a pathfinder. At dawn of the first modern Olympic Games, participation in this sports event was predominantly nourished by love of the game. To put the matter differently, it was not for publicity or financial rewards; this in turn gives reasonable grounds for submitting that Margaret Abbott was a female athlete for whom golf provided a sense of belonging to a wider world. Certainty, this historical figure deserves a careful regard as she changed sport history once and for all time. By showing an ultimate commitment to reach her athletic peak performance, she encouraged many other women to reconsider the attitude towards the role of women in the Olympics.

After a thorough consideration, it becomes apparent that Margaret Abbott bears testimony to the fact that nothing is impossible; for all that, many tend to blame their failures on somebody else, which is totally wrong. I can confidently say that the problem often lies with us. To get stronger, it is crucial that people be able to accept their weaknesses. From my perspective, Margaret makes it clear that there is always room for improvement and room for inspiring others. The more I dig into her life, the more I think people are powerful enough to change the history and their own lives. On the whole, the time has come to cherish the memory of forgotten champions, such as Margaret Abbott, whose achievements paved way for new beliefs across the nation. Sure enough, one cannot but give this female athlete credit for constituting the major step towards the rise of women’s sport.

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